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RadioSEGA Interview: Hideki Naganuma

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you for questions that we could send to former SEGA composer Hideki Naganuma. Here's what he said!

Welcome to RadioSEGA Interviews..., a new feature where we ask you to post questions to notable people and development studios within SEGA. This first instalment comes to you courtesy of Hideki Naganuma, composer of games such as Jet Set Radio, Ollie King and Sonic Rush, amongst others.

So, without further ado, here's what happened when RadioSEGA interviewed Hideki Naganuma:


TheChaosBlue / High and Broken: How was it like getting the inspiration on the music for JSR/JSRF? Any real-world influences? / What were your inspirations for your JSR input?

HN: At the time of the beginning, I composed music only by looking at Ueda-san's artworks. I was getting inspirations from his POP, SWEET and COOL characters and charismatic view of the world on JSR. Musically, BIG BEAT and DIGITAL ROCK movement was so exciting for me. I bought so many CDs of BIG BEAT and DIGITAL ROCK.

Chrisharback: What do you think the future of JSR will be?

HN: I really hope that JSR3 may be developed if the upcoming JSR-HD records much sales. :)

Chrisharback: Is there a possibility that the upcoming PSN/XBLA release of JSR will include remixed tracks or the remixes from JSRF and Ollie King?

HN: Honestly, I'm not sure. But I don't think so. Rather than that, I hope that JSRF-HD and Ollie King-HD will be released. :)

KC / Quills on Wheels: You've worked on several games, including the SEGA Rally series, the Sonic series, Jet Set Radio... What game did you enjoy working on the most? / What franchise did you enjoy the most working on?


MTwinny: What kind of equipment do you use when composing songs?

Computers : Apple Mac Pro 3GHz x 8 Core、Mac Pro 2.66GHz Quad Core (Mac OS X 10.6.8)
Apps : Digital Performer, ProTools, Peak, Recycle, Reason, AudioFinder, Fission
Plugins : Waves、Power Core、KOMPLETE 8、Sample Tank、Stylus RMX、Mach Five
Digital Mixers : YAMAHA DM1000、O2R、O3D
Synthesizers (Keyboards) : Alesis ION、KORG Trinity、KORG TRITON、Novation K-Station
Synthesizers (Racks) : YAMAHA MOTIF-Rack ES、Roland JV-1080、Roland JV-5080、AKAI Z8、AKAI S1100
Audio Interfaces : MOTU 2408mk3 x 3、MOTU 828
MIDI Interface : MOTU MIDI Express XT
Word Clock Generator : Antelope Audio OCX
Monitor Speakers : GENELEC 1029A、YAMAHA NS-10M Studio、BOSE M3 Monitor

MTwinny: What kind of advice would you give to those looking to create music on their own?

HN: Please listen to many kinds of music. I've been listening to many kinds of music. Funk, Hip-Hop, Big Beat, Breakbeats, Digital Rock, House, Techno, Electronica, Drum'n'Bass, Soul, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock, J-Pop, Classic, Cinema Music… Moreover, I've been loving them. "Play it loud! Make it funky!!"

ZonicZoneCop: Are there any games you DIDN'T work on, that you wish you could have composed for?

HN: Space Channel 5, Rez, Virtua Fighter, Panzer Dragoon, NiGHTS into Dreams, Space Harrier, Out Run, More SONIC Titles, More Music Games…

ZonicZoneCop: Are there any non-SEGA games that have music you enjoy?

HN: PaRappa the Rapper, Gran Turismo, TEKKEN, Super Mario Bros, MAPPY, XEVIOUS, beatmania, pop'n music...

BluePuyo: Have you considered releasing an album consisting only of original works?

HN: Yes, I have. I would love to.

Killer French Bread: What are your favourite English bands/musicians? What songs get stuck in your head when you have to walk somewhere and don't have any headphones?

HN: PRINCE!!! Especially the songs from the albums "Sign "O" The Times", "Parade" and "Lovesexy".


Our thanks go to Naganuma-san for both agreeing to this interview and answering our questions, the members named above for supplying the questions, and to News Team member MTwinny for setting this interview up. Follow Hideki Naganuma on Twitter (@Hideki_Naganuma) for all the latest on his future endevours!

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