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(Updated) RadioSEGA Communitalk! Featuring Gavvie!

Welcome to RadioSEGA Communitalk! Where YOU take the spotlight! Volume 1: Gavvie! Now easier on the eyes!

Hello RadioSEGA! Welcome to the brand new feature called Communitalk Interviews. Every week or so (not planned a schedule yet) I will personally be interviewing one of you! Details will follow on how to be the next person to get interviewed, but for now please enjoy this first issue with our supreme overlord and SNS DJ: Gavvie!

Gonic: Hi Gavvie. Thank you for volunteering to be in my first interview.

Gavvie: O HAI!

RadioSEGA related questions:

Gonic: So first question, nice and easy. How did you find RadioSEGA? Why did you join?

Gavvie: I feel like I've answered this question so many times...XD I stumbled across RadioSEGA completely by accident. It was December 2007, and the Sony PSP had just had a new firmware upgrade that included the Internet Radio feature. Wanting to test it out, I started checking the airwaves, and RadioSEGA popped on. After about an hour of listening, I Googled the radio name and found the website, joined the forums, and here we are.

Gonic:  During your time with RadioSEGA, what memory has stood out the most? (Events with members, a significant event that happened on the forum, etc.)

Gavvie: Presuming we're not talking about when I was asked to take over the website, I think the memory that stands out the most is being asked to DJ at Summer of Sonic for the first time. Up to that point I don't think very many people knew who we were, and I'd like to think that, since then, we've gained a little bit more exposure.

Gonic: How did it feel when you were asked to take over RadioSEGA?

Gavvie: I was surprised, initially. I actually thought that Mark was going to ask foreversonic, so whilst I threw my name in the hat, so to speak, I didn't really think I'd get asked. When I was, I was very humbled. I'd joined as a member barely two years prior, and as a huge SEGA fan, being asked to take RadioSEGA to the next level is something that I'm always going to remember.

Gonic: Is there a character you wished that made it further in the recent character battle?

Gavvie: I would've liked to have seen Sketch Turner & Chuck D. Head go further. They're both niche characters who I was pleased to see get nominated, but unfortunately the draw didn't work out too kindly for either of them.

Gonic: What was your favourite SNS show you have done (if any)?

Gavvie: Y'know, I've had so many. When you've got 150 shows under your belt, It's quite hard to recall particulars. I think I'm going to have to go for the SEGATHON though, if that counts. I dared to dream with that one, and I'd like to think it paid off.

Gonic: What do you want for RadioSEGA in the future?

Gavvie: This is probably going to sound a little silly, but I want RadioSEGA to be one of the biggest SEGA fansites on the Net, if not the biggest SEGA radio site. I know people will probably look at our community and scoff, but we've been represented at three Summer of Sonic conventions, as well as London Gaming Con 2011 & London Anime Con, so we're getting out there. We just need to carry on doing what we're doing, building partnerships with other sites, and we'll get there.

Gonic: Do you feel that we stand strong as a community. Considering how big we are?

Gavvie:I'd say we actually have a pretty small community at the moment, which is odd considering the aims and ambitions of the site. Still, despite this, we're a nice little community, and by and large we get along well.

Gonic: Whats the hardest challenge you have had to face on RadioSEGA?

Gavvie: Getting us noticed. Doing as good a job as we do isn't good enough if nobody's around to see it. We're getting there, thanks in part to our live show lineup and partnerships with other sites, but there's still a little more work to do.


SEGA Related Questions

Gonic: So, what is your fondest SEGA gaming memory?

Gavvie: I've got a few of these; the first time I started playing Shenmue, the section of Skies of Arcadia when The Great Silver Shrine starts playing, finally getting the 7th Super Emerald in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and beating Doomsday Zone as Hyper Sonic. My fondest memory has to be the one that started it all, though - Sonic 1 on the Master System. My family couldn't afford a Mega Drive, so we made do, and I loved it. The 16-bit Sonics will probably always be regarded as the finest games in the franchise, but I'll always have a soft spot for the 8-bits. Somebody has to, they were great games.

Gonic: Do you feel that Sonic is on the road to recovery after Colours and Generations?  Or does he still have a way to go in your opinion?

Gavvie: I think the term "recovery" is subjective to the person who answers the question. The 3D Sonic games have been hit and miss for a while now, and whilst SONIC 2006 was a definite low point, I'd say the downward trend had started before that with Sonic Heroes & the entirely pointless Shadow spin-off.

Colours and Generations were both very good games, and I'd like to think that those two have started to regain faith in the fans who had felt that Sonic had lost his way. I'm not a believer of The Sonic Cycle though - I think that's just a vessel that fans use in order to pin some believability on their hatred of a particular title. Kinda wish it'd stop, to be honest.

Gonic: What's the best and worst  SEGA soundtrack in your opinion?

Gavvie: Ouch, a tough one. For the best soundtrack, I think it's a close call between either Streets of Rage or Streets of Rage 2. They're both classic soundtracks, and I spent many an hour listening to them whilst trying to beat the games.

As for worst, presuming I can't lump all Hatsune Miku soundtracks in there I'm probably going to have to go with the Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars OST, which also featured in the recent PSN/XBLA release. The game doesn't feel as good without that original soundtrack.

Gonic: Which SEGA franchise do you feel needs more love?

Gavvie: SONIC!... I'd like to see Burning Rangers have another shot at gaining an audience. It came out pretty much at the end of the Saturn's life cycle, but was a brilliant gem of a game that, whilst short, had a lot to offer. I'd settle for a HD re-release, but a sequel via PSN/XBLA would just be amazing.

Gonic: Any SEGA game that you feel deserves less love?

Gavvie: This would be where I say Sonic, but as he brings in the money that keeps SEGA going I think I'll skip on that rather obvious answer. To be controversial, I'm going to say Billy Hatcher. I don't really see what the appeal is. Sure, the game can be fun, but the soundtrack's a little weird and...yeah. Just don't understand it.

Gonic: In  your honest opinion, how would you say SEGA are doing these days?

Gavvie: They're doing OK. Bringing enough money in to get by, but they haven't had a major smash for a good few years now. I think they were hoping Aliens: Colonial Marines would be one, and...well, yeah.

Gonic: Let's say SEGA shut down...what other gaming companies would you want to buy SEGA franchies? (Like Nintendo buying sonic etc):

Gavvie: Nintendo and Sonic sounds like a natural fit. I'd like somebody like 2K to take Yakuza - let Rockstar have a crack at it. EA would most likely take Sports Interactive for Football Manager. SEGA don't really have that many major franchises though - not active, money making ones anyway.


General Questions

Gonic: I’ve noticed from your twitter feed that you listen to a lot of music (that’s a given as you run a music site). What’s your favourite band and genre of music?

Gavvie: I don't have A favourite band, I have several, but the two I'd hold in the highest regard are Feeder and Muse. As for genre, I'm a Rock guy, leaning towards Metal on occasion, but I will honestly listen to anything as long as it's half decent.

Gonic: How about your favourite game soundtrack?

Gavvie: I'm going to go with Final Fantasy X. It was the first FF game I'd ever played, and from the first few hours of the game, everything had gripped me - story, music, graphics, the lot. It was also the first soundtrack I ever bought as well, so It's a special one for me.

Gonic: You’ve been to a lot of events, which is your favourite one?

Gavvie: No-brainer - Summer of Sonic. There's no better weekend. I get to hang out with all of the friends that I've made since I turned up at the 2009 event with Mena, not really knowing what to expect, and we generally have a lot of fun. I'm very thankful for being able to be a part of SoS the last 4 years, either as a guest or as a cog in the machine.

Gonic: Met anyone famous? If so, who was it and how did it go?

Gavvie: Outside of Summer of Sonic, as we meet all the famous people there (Crush 40, Takashi Iizuma, Nigel Dobbyn, Nigel Kitching, etc etc) - I met Yuji Naka at Eurogamer Expo in 2010. We'd not long watched his presentation for Ivy the Kiwi? and were just walking around the showroom floor when we spotted him watching Kinect Adventures.

He was on his own, so we didn't get to talk much, which is a shame I was wearing a RadioSEGA shirt, but I did get a photo!

Gonic: Finally, what is your favourite game?

Gavvie: Going to throw three in here, as I can't pick one - The Mass Effect trilogy. I'm really invested in the stories that they tell, and will probably start reading more of the extended universe stories soon. If you want me to pick a single game, I'll go with Halo 4. Brilliant game.

Gonic: How did you feel about Mass effects 3's ending. Is the new extended ending an improvement?

Gavvie: I haven't played that far, so I have no opinion either way XD

Gonic: Thank you for your time Gavvie! Anything you wish to add?

Gavvie: I'd just like to thank you for this interview, it's been a fun thing to fill out, and to thank everybody who's reading it. You’re all great!

I hope you enjoyed the first issue of Radiosega Communitalk, please let me know what you think and don’t be afraid to leave criticism if you think I need to improve on something! If you want to be the star of the next Communitalk, please let me know in the comments below. To make it fair I will choose the person by random! 

Thank you for reading! Untill next time!


(Note: I am aware the the logo is a bit blurry atm, I shall fix this once i get home! Thanks)


Lizzy 'Chukapi' Burton for the logo

mtwinny for the name of the feature

3rd April, 2013 - 23:19 GMT Gonic Article viewed 1134 times 6 Comments


TheChaosBlue 03rd April, 2013 - 23:22

Oh so you took over the site from a member in the span of two years....strangely, that reminds me of my brother joining the staff after two years of being a member.

Awinnerwasyou 03rd April, 2013 - 23:30

First of all, I'd like to say I like this idea. A good variety of questions, and some informative answers. Looking forward to seeing more! Also... I'd be more than happy to volunteer for one of these in the future.

Kaito-kun 03rd April, 2013 - 23:37

Nice work, Gonic.

ZonicZoneCop 04th April, 2013 - 14:33

This looks interesting...but Chuck.D.Head?

Shadid 12th April, 2013 - 19:18

FINALLY someone gived Chuck D. Head some of the respect it actually deserves. Gavvie is a bro. :3 Also, fantastic work, Gonic! Look forward for more. :)

ShadowRemix 07th May, 2013 - 21:13

Eh... sure... why not? I'll throw my name in that hat just for grins, because I've got nothing better to do.

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