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RadioSEGA Communitalk! Featuring Shaddix Croft!

Welcome back to RadioSEGA's Communitalk! Where YOU take the spotlight! Volume 2: Shaddix Croft! 

CommuniTalk 2 : Shaddix Croft

Hello and welcome to volume 2 of CommuniTalk. This time we step away from the staff of RadioSEGA and talk to one of the ordinary members of the RS family. In today’s issue we will be interviewing Tomb Raider manic: Shaddix Croft!

Gonic: Hi! Thank you for being part of our second issue of communitalk!

Shaddix: HALLO GONIC :3 and it's a pleasure my good man.

His avatar on our forums. He likes his Papa Roach!

RadioSEGA Questions

Gonic:  Nice and easy question first. How did you find out about Radiosega? Why did you join?

Shaddix: If I remember correctly, it was when I was active in the #sonicstadium IRC channel; back when I listened to Radio Redux on SSR (Sega Sonic Radio),I learnt about Radio SEGA from other IRC users in the channel and then I joined the IRC. I remember Gavvie signing me up when the forum was having bot problems, haha.

Gonic: What is your most memorable time with RadioSEGA?

Shaddix: Maybe when on the Google hangout stream with a few others one Friday. That was pretty fun to do and most memorable for me.

Gonic: What do you hope the future will bring for RadioSEGA?

Shaddix:  More people joining the IRC really. Seeing as I'm mainly an IRC guy than forums, I hope we get more people joining the RadioSEGA IRC so we can have active discussions while having some fun as well, all the while making new friends. And maybe more RadioSEGA shows with new DJ's? That would be sweet.

Gonic: What were your impressions of Project 7 website design?

Shaddix: Pretty awesome really, looks really good.

Gonic: Is there any RadioSEGA members you would like to meet in person? If yes, why?

Shaddix: Oh boy. You've got my broski's twins TheChaosBlueMTwinny; we always talk nothing but WWE on Twitter or on the IRC. Would be AWESOME to meet those two; I could imagine us just talking nothing but WWE and wrestling. Whooa21, and of course the one and only GONIC seeing we live so close. Maybe sometime in the future? Well we could of at MCM but I didn't know you were cosplaying Adventure Time haha! Always next time.

SEGA Related Questions:

Gonic: What is your favourite SEGA game and franchise?

Shaddix: Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I grew up with Sonic with my older Sister when we used to play Sonic 2 on the old Mega Drive MK II when we were younger. You can say my love for a certain two-tailed fox came from that when she made me play as Tails all the time on 2-player mode.

Gonic: How about your favourite and most disliked SEGA soundtrack?

Shaddix: Least favourite for SEGA-SONIC soundtracks has to be Sonic Battle for most, urgh, it sounds like Kenichi Tokoi and other composers tried putting a guitar into the Game Boy Advance while having a cat play it. My favourite has to be anything Tomoya Ohtaini, but to narrow it down Sonic Colours' beautiful Aquarium Park and Planet Wisp Zone tracks are personal favourites. You just can't go wrong with how great its soundtrack is.

 Gonic: What are your thoughts on the newly announced Sonic Lost World game?

Shaddix: From what I've seen, the game looks fantastic and I'm loving most of the levels I've seen so far. I love the art design it screams; Classic Sonic and Current Day Sonic has never looked any better, I say.

I think the only thing I don't like is the run button, granted that SEGA has said it's because people can't control Sonic at high speeds but it makes no sense really for me due to the fact I've never had an issue controlling Sonic in Unleashed, Colours or Generation. Why not cap Sonic at a certain speed instead of limiting it to a INSTANT PEEL OUT button on the back triggers, along with the newly revived Spin dash to give you burst of speed like in the older 3D Sonic games (Bar STH06).

The removal of the boost has to be the best thing for the game and franchise right now. considering Sonic Team has been too depended on this magical burst of HOLD X/Square TO GO FAST mechanic introduced in Sonic Rush and slowly brought into the main game series for Unleashed. It was awesome for the 2D Sonic Rush games but after a while it just got stale when it came to Generations, so I welcome this change and hopefully we'll never see the boost again. In fact, I thought the boost would be staying seeing as Classic Sonic attempts it at end of Generations (Spoilers!!!)

Gonic: Do you agree that it should be multiplatform?

Shaddix: I'm kind of mixed here on this.Wwhile I don't own a Wii U (yet!) I would love a PS Vita edition of Sonic Lost World, but I'm not against it being a Wii U only title and not being on other consoles. With SEGA pairing up with Nintendo for a Wii U release, it could really help out with the Wii U's problems right now and attract new fans to Sonic and Nintendo's struggling console.

Gonic: What is your fondest SEGA memory?

Shaddix: It has to be when I obtained my SEGA Dreamcast at Christmas 1999 and I was only about 7 at the time. My late Nanna Mary gave it over to me when I had to close my eyes, but I was peeking - I have a very fond memory of that. I played SA1 so much that night downstairs that I couldn't take myself away from it. I had so much fun and I still enjoy that game so much to this day.

Gonic: Is there a SEGA franchise that you feel needs more love?

Shaddix: Golden Axe I say. I would love it if they brought back a 2D Golden Axe for digital download with new levels, with beautiful detailed LEVELS, and nothing like Beast Rider more on par with the SEGA Classic Collection, which was on PS2 but better!

Gonic: How about a SEGA franchise that needs less love?

Shaddix:  Even as a Sonic fan I would have to say Sonic the Hedgehog. SEGA's only focus most of the time is Sonic, so I would like it if SEGA focused on other franchises like Outrun, SPACE HARRIER, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage, rather than just Sonic. They could re-introduce these great games to the current era of gamers with brand spanking new games.

Gonic: In your personal opinion, would you say SEGA are doing well these days?

Shaddix: I say pretty good. We've been getting cracking games like Sonic Generations, Bayonetta, PSO2 (which needs to come the US and Europe ASAP SEGA!), Yakuza and many other great games. So yeah, SEGA is doing MUCH better than say 2006.

Genral Questions

Gonic: It’s a pretty well-known fact that you’re a massive fan of Tomb Raider. What is your favourite game in the franchise?  What did it do better than the others?

Shaddix: Well I started out playing on PS1 demos back late 90's on my PS1 so I would have to say Tomb Raider 2 for my favourite TR Core Design game. Nothing can beat going around Venice in a boat avoiding death traps and people shooting you from the sides. For Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider games, well that has to be Tomb Raider Anniversary. While it's almost faithful to the original Tomb Raider it just makes the original game much more beautiful to look at. And with the Legend engine in use, it's more fluid to move about than it is on the original game. But I say get this game on PC now because I think it's one of the best C.D Tomb Raider games, along with the 2013 reboot so GO GET IT NOW.

Gonic: What is your favourite non-SEGA gaming soundtrack?

Shaddix: Has to be Mighty Switch Force 1 & 2 soundtracks right now. It's so funky and possibly one of my favourite OST's to listen to while going out.... just remember you're a rescue girl!  ;D

Gonic: How is the next generation of consoles looking to you?

Shaddix: Xbox One has little to no appeal to me at all. Even when Microsoft back-pedalled their policies I already had no interest in a new Xbox after it was rumoured to have some crazy DRM policies, along with the no self-publishing indie games either.

But I'm very interested in a PS4 and Wii U. Now, the Wii U hasn't had such a great start as you all know, but once more developers and publishers get behind the Wii U and more games come out for the system I think it will be successful. PS4 pretty much writes itself here. It looks to be the most appealing next generation console right now and a must-buy with some fantastic titles coming to the console. And the fact that you can use your Vita for PS4 games has sold me, so I'll be grabbing one of those in the next 2 years (never buy at launch! :P). But besides Xbox One, the next gen of video game consoles are looking very good right now.

Gonic: Ever met anyone famous? How did it go if you did?

Shaddix: I've met boxing champion Ricky Hatton a few times in Hyde but that's bound to happen when he runs a gym in Hyde not far from me and lives around the area being a local lad. But I've also met various Manchester City footballers while working at Manchester City (Gavvie should disapprove!)

Gonic: Do you have a favourite singer/band?

Shaddix: As you can tell my nickname online is “Shaddix” and that name does come from a singer called “Jacoby Shaddix!”  I've always enjoyed his music with Papa Roach since I came across Papa Roach in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 with Blood Brothers, so they have to be my favourite Singer/Band.

Gonic: How about a favourite TV show/movie?

Shaddix: I generally don't have a favourite but I'll have to say WWE Monday Night RAW for TV because it's been a show I've been watching since I was a kid.I love the action and excitement a WWE show can give to you.

Gonic: Finally, what is your most favourite game of all time?

Shaddix: That's like choosing between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler..you just can't choose one favourite, because most of my favourites are so great. So it's hard to choose, sorry!

Gonic: Thank you so much for your time, I apologize for the long wait. Have you got anything to add?

Shaddix: Remember that the ShaddixCroft is AWESOME and you RS people are beautiful <3


That's it for this volume! Remember, if you would like to be in a future issue of CommuniTalk, just drop me a comment here below, on twitter by sending a Direct Message to @GonicUK. Remember, feedback is alway welcome on how I can improve future editions. Untill next time, thanks for reading!



Lizzy 'Chukapi' Burton for editing and the banner.

Shaddix for agreing to take part

The entire News team for being supportive: KC and mtwinny

YOU!, for taking the time to read this all.

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TheChaosBlue 25th August, 2013 - 01:03

Daw this was a good read.

AndyPandy1991 12th September, 2013 - 17:27

If you would like to interview me at all Gonic I wouldn't mind at all, although if no one reads it don't be surprised it's because no one gives a crap about me and my answers lol :P

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