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Introducing...Gonic Grumbles, Vol. 1!

Welcome to Gonic Grumbles: an opinion feature about various topics that I feel the need to give my two pennies on. Vol. 1: Why I think we don't need Sonic Adventure 3.

Welcome to Gonic Grumbles! This is a new opinion feature here on RadioSEGA.net about various topics that I feel the need to give my two pennies on. Hope you enjoy!

Why I think we don't need Sonic Adventure 3

After a successful run on the SEGA Megadrive (Genesis in America) Sonic’s next big game wasn’t ‘till 1999 on the SEGA Dreamcast, which marked Sonic’s first ever real 3D game: Sonic Adventure. It was considered a success; critics praised the game and it sold 2.5 million copies worldwide, making it the biggest selling game on the Dreamcast. Two years later, a sequel for this game was released, Sonic Adventure 2. Obviously this title was a huge hit with Sonic fans too. It is also considered one of the best games in the entire series, so good in fact that fans believe that a Sonic Adventure 3 needs to be made....However, I disagree with this last point and, after recent events, I feel I need to explain why we would be better off without a new Sonic Adventure game.

Now, before I continue on, I have to make it clear that I DO like Sonic Adventure 2. I do not think it’s a great game nor do I think it’s a bad game. I find the game as a whole very ‘meh’.

I honestly believe that Sonic Adventure 3 would take the series backwards and I think a lot of us are blinded by nostalgia where Sonic Adventure 2 is concerned. I ask you, go back and play the SA2, is it really as good as you remembered it? Or, do you just enjoy the game simply because it’s a game you grew up with? That’s absolutely fine if so, but the last time we went back to the ‘Adventure style gameplay’ we ended up with the disaster of a game know as Sonic The Hedgehog (2006). Plus, SA2 in my opinion had A LOT of bad design decisions, especially the awful gimmicky Mech stages and Treasure Hunting stages which were a step down from the already not so great stages from SA1. Personally, I only enjoyed a third of Sonic Adventure 2 (that being the Sonic and Shadow levels).

In terms of the Sonic series' gameplay (excluding Lost World as I have yet to play that game), the way Sonic currently plays in a 3D world is spot on in my opinion. It captures the perfect sense of platforming and speed (excluding Unleashed). It offers you multiple routes to get to your goals with one being more rewarding than the other, even if it just an extra life or a quicker route to the goal. But Sonic Adventure 2 had two extremes: it was either too linear or too open (this is apparent in the Knuckles/Rouge levels where it could take up to 15 minutes to finish them!).

The series was also experimenting too much with different gameplay styles instead of just focusing on one distinct gameplay style; this is why I personally think that Colours and Generations are great Sonic games, because Sonic Team focused on one style of gameplay rather than six different ones. Also because of this, I think the level design suffered in Adventure 2, whereas Colours and Generatons, in my opinion, didn’t. SA2 also marked an era of bad stories in Sonic games: full of plot holes, creepy love interests, and an indecisive black hedgehog who didn’t know who the hell he was (which also thankfully ended with Sonic Colours, going back to the basic ‘Stop Dr. Eggman’ storyline).

This brings me to my final point, which I mentioned before: making a Sonic Adventure 3 will, in my opinion, be taking a step backwards for the franchise, because Sonic Team would most likely focus on more than one play style, causing other things like the level design and gameplay to be a cluttered mess. The Sonic franchise has finally found a great style of gameplay and it should stick with it…but Sonic Team being who they are changed it for Sonic Lost World.

And that was me grumbling on why Sonic Adventure 3 shouldn't be made. Thanks for reading, until next time! Please share your thoughts below or in the official Gonic Grumbles thread

Lizzy Burton for Editing.
You for your patience with me getting this up!
And the RadioSEGA community for being awesome and inspiring me. :)

14th January, 2014 - 22:10 GMT Gonic Article viewed 692 times 1 Comments


ProjectCarthage 11th February, 2014 - 21:18

I still think SA3 should be made, just so everyone wanting it will STFU.

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