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SEGA Fan Chronicles: Vol II: Chapter V: MisterWilson

Hello and welcome to another installment of the SEGA Fan Chronicles! We're honored to have MisterWilson be this edition's guest. Nerdcore rapper and dedicated SEGA fan, we shed some light on what he loves; from music to the blue brand itself, with a lil' somethin', somethin' in the between as well! 


  • Name: MisterWilson
  • Contact Info: Bandcamp: http://misterwilson.bandcamp.com/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/_MisterWilson/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MisterWilsonMusic
  • What You Do: Nerdcore Hip-Hop Rapper/Battle Artist
  • Favorie SEGA Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  • Favorite SEGA Console: Dreamcast


Of course, we begin with the starting question to most SEGA Fan Chronicles interviews: How and when did you first hear of SEGA? 

I heard about Sega via Arcades back in the day. I saw games like Outrun, Hang On, Space Harrier, After Burner, Altered Beast, and Golden Axe. Most of those cabinets caught my attention because of the designs. It was unheard of. When you saw a motorcycle game in the 80s, it was usually just a normal cabinet with buttons. Hang On had an actual replica bike to ride on to make you feel like you're in the game. Sega was definitely ahead of their time.
What was your first SEGA game and console you played? Any fond memories?
The first Sega games I played were the arcade games. But the first console and game I played was Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. I remember being 4 years old going to the mall, KB Toys, or a Toys R Us playing Sonic 1 on the Genesis. My mother definitely had a hard time taking me off the game. lol I was hooked. The speed and "Blast Processing" blew my mind at that time. 
To build upon that, what are your favorite SEGA series? 
Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite series hands down. I pretty much owned 89% of Sonic's catalog. The gameplay and soundtrack always caught my attention, especially during the Sega Genesis and Saturn days. One of my dreams is to own the Sonic the Fighters and Sega Sonic the Hedgehog(the game with Ray and Mighty) arcade cabinets. It's tough to find but I won't give up. 
If you could get a sequel to one (or more) SEGA series what would that (those be and why?
I really want to see Streets of Rage 4 and Sonic Adventure 3. I'm 100% sure that I'm not the only one that feels this way. A lot of indie gamers and designers created Streets of Rage/Streets of Rage inspired homebrew games. The SOR inspired one is called Beats of Rage. Small things like that definitely tells you something.
The Dreamcast is your favorite SEGA console; how hyped up were you when SEGA debuted the Dreamcast back in 98/99? Do you remember the build up towards their last major console and did you feel SEGA went all out?
I was so hyped about that console. It came out in Japan 1998. I remember reading about the console on an issue of Gamepro Magazine. I would read the same article and look at the screenshots everyday. I didn't have internet at that time so I was very limited to get a lot of info. So I was getting any magazine that had Dreamcast related articles. Gamefan, Tips and Tricks, and many more. I remember seeing the premiere of the U.S. Dreamcast commercial like it was yesterday. It aired during Monday Night Raw. It was the day Chris Jericho aka YJ2 interrupted The Rocks little promo to make his debut. Both of those scenarios had me so hyped. I did not sleep that night. I definitely felt it the next day. lol

It's pretty clear you're SEGA fan through and through hahaha, so with that said do you own any SEGA merch? 
I own a couple of Sega merch. I have a lot of Sonic figures and plush dolls. I have Sonic Hoodies and fitted hats. I also have Sonic tatted on my left arm. I got that tattoo about 5 years ago. I will be getting more Sega related tattoos in the future. 
It's also noted you're a SNK fan as well; mind giving us a bit of taste of what you like from them?
It's pretty much the same first time experience like Sega. SNK/Neo Geo arcade cabinets were amazing. It was a small red and black cabinet that contains 1-4 games. You put a quarter in and you have a choice to pick the game that you wanted to play. I fell in love with SNK after playing the original Fatal Fury. Then I found out they made games similar to that like Art of Fighting. They were known for their side scrolling and shooters as well. I felt that Sega and SNK were brothers in a way. They even worked together a couple of times. Dreamcast and Neo Geo pocket had a couple of features. A link cable came out around the time King of Fighters 99 was released. If you connect the Neo Geo Pocket(with games like SNK Card Fighters, King of Fighters, and Snk vs Capcom) to the Dreamcast(With KOF 99/00 and Capcom vs SNK) you can unlock characters, items, and some nice hidden gems. It's crazy because Nintendo and Sony got hip to those type of functions later on in the 2000s. 

As your profession states, you're a nerdcore rapper. Tell us how that came about (bonus points if it was SEGA related!).
Well when I started rapping, I was saying a lot of nerdy references. Did not know about Nerdcore at all. Then one day I was on Myspace and accidentally discovered Mega Ran. I saw that he was doing Mega Man raps. I was reading about him and I noticed that the writer said he was a Nerdcore Hip Hop artist. I did some more research on Nerdcore and saw that this was an actual genre. That's how I discovered MC Chris, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, etc. I always wanted to do a Sonic inspired project. Then I noticed another rapper by the name of Charles Hamilton doing Sonic raps. I was bummed because I really wanted to do a lot of Sonic music. I was worried about what people would say about me. But thanks to close friends telling me not to care what people think I created Sega and Sonic music later on. I dropped Sonic FreEP in 2012 and that's still my most successful solo project today.
What are your inspirations/influences when writing music and creating new songs? 
To get inspired I watch a lot of cartoons/anime, read comic books, listen to some talented nerdcore hip hop artists,
Adding onto that, what are your own personal music genres that you enjoy?
I listen to Hip Hop, Neo Soul, J-Pop, K-Pop, Rock, and Alternative music most of the time. 
Tell us about how your first album came about.
My first album is called Mister Wilson World EP. That's still my baby because I worked so hard on that project. It took me a while to write those songs because I did not want to mess anything up. Gamers will get very angry when you mess up their childhoods. lol My producer Calvin the Genius sampled games like Rad Racer, Jet Set, Radio, Gran Turismo 5, and Street Fighter EX Plus for this. All of those games have a hardcore following. I picked out the original songs and Calvin flipped them. I spent $425 on that project. I was very happy with the finished product. 
Your single 'Dear SEGA' was played on RadioSEGA a few times in the past and we wholeheartingly were honored to play it. What was the feeling behind writing a song like that? 
I was inspired by one of my good friends. His name is Richie Branson. He's also a Nerdcore Hip Hop artist. You should definitely check out his work when you get a chance. Back in 2012, Richie dropped a song on his youtube called Letter to Squaresoft. He was basically talking about how incredible Squaresoft used to be back in the day and he said it hasn't been the same since the name change to Square Enix. You can tell by his tone that he was passionate about the company. That song inspired me to create 'Dear Sega.' I feel like Sega needs to listen to their fans a lot more. They have a lot of franchises in the graveyard for no reason. The average Sega fan want to see reboots and sequels to some characters. I would love to see Alex Kidd, Ristar, Nights, and many more do more than drive cars and play tennis. A good source told me that Sega heard the song and they 'dig it.' It's one of my personal favorite songs because that's how I really feel about the company. I will always love Sega but I think they can do a lot more.
Your Blur Bomber collaboration with Mega Ran is one of your more famous works and we had the pleasure and honor of showcasing it here on RadioSEGA in the past as well. How was it working with Mega Man himself and do you ever see a team-up in the future?
Mega Ran is like a big brother. He definitely did a lot for my career. It was an honor working with him. He's actually on a song on my first album called Alpha Ex. It still shocking that I'm chilling and making music with him. I remember not rapping(I started rapping in 2008) and just being a fan of his music back in 07 He's known for Mega Man raps and I'm known for Sonic raps. It only made sense for us to do a Sonic x Mega Man project. We pretty much got the idea of doing Blur Bomber after hearing about the Sonic/Mega Man comic at comic con. I text him the article and pics and he text back "you know what I'm thinking?" lol We were definitely on the same page. That's how Blur Bomber started. We got a lot of great reviews from fans and blogs. We will be doing more work in the future for sure.
Do you have anything in the works as far as a new project is concerned? 
I have a project coming out within the next month called Two Worlds. It's my first non nerdcore hip hop EP. It just proving to the market that I can do a lot more than just nerdcore raps. I'm excited to let the world hear this one. Then I'm going to release Sonic FreEP 2. This album will sound 1000x better than the first Sonic FreEP.
IMPORTANT QUESTION TIME: Is there anyone, ANYONE who is/was at SEGA that you wish to meet and why? 
I would to meet Yuji Naka and the Sonic Team. They're no longer with the company but I still want to meet them. Their creations did a lot for my childhood and life and I really appreciate them for that. I just want to meet Peter Moore so I can just yell at him. lol I think he made a lot of BAD decisions during his run with Sega. If it wasn't for him, I really think we would be playing Dreamcast 3 right now or something. lol
Anything else that you wish to say before we sign off? Go on, let your voice be heard!


Shout out to the fans, the Sega blogs, and of course Radio Sega for supporting me. I've been a huge fan of Radio Sega since I was a kid. I still find it crazy that my music is playing on the station. Thank you so much. Follow me on twitter @_MisterWilson and check out my music at MisterWilson[dot]Bandcamp[dot]com.
Another SFC is in the books;, so thank you all for reading and especially the awesome MisterWilson for taking the time to chat with us.  Be on the look out for the next installment, where we interview someone who's been in the Sonic internet DJ scene for quiiiiiiiiiiiiite a while, and even had his show hosted on this very site in the past. Unitl then, this is TCB sigining off!

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