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RadioSEGA Media Recap: May 2018

Read on to find out what new podcasts were added to our Media service in the month of May!

Really, I'm still as shocked as you are that I've managed to keep this series running 3 months in a row with no hiccups. Don't worry though, I almost forgot to write it this month.

This month saw The Manic Monday Show and SEGA Generations continue their regular uploads, and Chaos Control Center had its backlog cleared down a bit. Although still missing a few episodes, most of the new season is now ready for your ears to hear! The SEGA Mix's return this month was also archived, so if you missed it you're now able to catch up whenever you want using your favourite podcast app.

Enough wittering, let's move onto what you came here for. Here's what was added to RadioSEGA Media in the month of May 2018:

Chaos Control Center
Date Added: 27th May 2018
Description: "The boys are finally back! Both Sonic Mania and Forces have been and gone, and so has the Super Sonic DLC. SEGA also poses the age old question of porting vs emulation and Shinobi7 reveals their Sonic boardgame. Hear what the boys have to say on all this and more on the grand reopening of Chaos Control Center."
Duration: 2:01:48
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

Date Added: 27th May 2018
Description: "The Switch turns 1 this week, the Sonic movie is given a release date, Nintendo Direct gives everyone a glimmer of a new Super Smash Bros, and YouTube screw up again. As usual, the boys give their unedited, fresh out of the oven outlook on all of this, so strap in for the ride ahead!"
Duration: 2:01:26
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher


Date Added: 27th May 2018
Description: "SEGA shows off Sonic Mania Plus, and yet it's not quite what they were hoping for. What did pan out as they were expecting however was the reveal of a new Sonic racing title. SEGA reveal a brand new emulation collection, and the boys aren't exactly over the moon either. They also *gasp* deviate away from SEGA this week to discuss the new Square Enix project and the Avengers. Tune on in to hear about  all of this, as well as the usual banter on this episode of the Chaos Control Center."
Duration: 2:08:42
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

Date Added: 27th May 2018
Description: "SEGA AGES is revealed, and once again the boys aren't too thrilled with the idea of another version of Sonic 1. Mania Plus has more details revealed, and while still not what they were hoping for, it's looking more promising than the reveal. On top of these rants that will surely go down in CCC history, Night Trap comes to the Switch after it being said it would never appear on a Nintendo system, EA does an EA again, Spyro makes his grand return, and IDW launch the first issue in their new Sonic comic series. Hear the boys hashing out over this and more on this week's edition of the Chaos Control Center!"
Duration: 1:59:24
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

One-Off Specials

The SEGA Mix - The ViPER Mix
Date Added: 27th May 2018
Description: "As a surprise, ViPER took to the air on a Friday night just like the days of old to host an episode of the classic One-Off show. Enjoy the usual blocks, and this episode's mystery block!"
Duration: 2:01:09
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts

SEGA Generations
E08 - Shenmue
Date Added: 27th May 2018
Description: "It's the premiere and only episode of Find Lan Di Generations! Obviously, this episode focuses on recently #Saved franchise Shenmue, covering the original 2 titles and all the history that came before, in-between and after!"
Duration: 2:09:48
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts

E09 - Ecco the Dolphin
Date Added: 26th May 2018
Description: "Sit back, grab a drink (maybe not seawater) and enjoy the atmosphere, because coming up is is an episode about everyone's favourite waterbased SEGA character!"
Duration: 1:59:48
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts

The Manic Monday Show
S3E14X - Yakuza 6 Special Extra
Date Added: 3rd May 2018
Description: "Download this podcast-exclusive extra porion of the Yakuza 6 Special to listen to more of the game's music as well as our review of the game."
Duration: 0:56:48
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E15 - Matt Phillips from Big Evil Corporation
Date Added: 7th May 2018
Description: "In the first regular episode of May, we play lots of music (most of it good), check up on Matt Phillips and his upcoming Mega Drive game Tanglewood and announce the next special."
Duration: 2:01:36
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E16 - José the Bronx Rican
Date Added: 14th May 2018
Description: "Following the listening party for OC ReMix album "VROOM: SEGA Racing" on last week's episode of SEGA Mixer Drive, album director José the Bronx Rican comes on The Manic Monday Show to tell us more about the project."
Duration: 2:11:49
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E17 - Scott Strichart [Part II]
Date Added: 21st May 2018
Description: "It's time to welcome Scott Strichart back to the show for the second part of our chat, focusing on the localisation of Yakuza games and the upcoming Yakuza Kiwami 2."
Duration: 2:19:19
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E18 - 8-Bit Special with Michael Corker
Date Added: 28th May 2018
Description: "It's the end of another month, so it's time for another Special and this time, we're all about 8-bit nostalgia. Listen to your requests as well as to an interview with current editor of Sonic the Comic - Online, Michael Corker, to celebrate the comic's 25 years of existence."
Duration: 2:04:28
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

That's all for this month! Come back next time when we'll share our uploads for the month, and we'll see the return of an old friend...

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