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RadioSEGA Media Recap: July 2018

July of 2018 was quite a busy month for the station, but was it a busy month for podcasts? Let's find out!

This month was full of up and downs here on RadioSEGA. On one hand, we saw the relaunch of our YouTube channel and the launch of our brand new Twitch channel, but on the other hand, we saw the 2nd finale of our flagship show, The Manic Monday Show (They're not tears, we swear). As for how podcasts went though, we saw the regular uploads of The Manic Monday Show and Topical Resort, as well as a 10th Anniversary show, which is obviously well overdue an upload, and... The Blue Zone?!

Here's what was added to RS Media in the month of July 2018:

One-Off Specials

RadioSEGA Presents... 10 Years For SEGA Ears
Date Added: 31st July 2018
Description: "Rexy took to the airwaves and aired a nice present for RadioSEGA's anniversary - a handful of musicians created a remix album arranging some of RS's most memorable Sega tunes.  Happy Anniversary, RS!"
Duration: 1:14:13
Download: RS Media

The Blue Zone
E20 - Sonic and the Secret Rings
Date Added: 19th July 2018
Description: "We'll be finding the Seven World Rings today! Join us for a chat about Sonic and the Secret rings and for some great Sonic tunes, as well as fan remixes of your favourite tracks!"
Duration: 1:23:45
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts

E22 - Sonic Rivals 2
Date Added: 19th July 2018
Description: "Do you race to win? Sonic Rivals 2 is this weeks Sonic Game of the Week, so this means we'll be talking about that game today! Stay awhile and listen to your favourite Sonic tunes and remixes aswell!"
Duration: 1:37:03
Download: RS Media

E23 - Sonic Riders Zero Gravity
Date Added: 19th July 2018
Description: "Grab your EX-Gear and control gravity, 'cause this week we'll be talking about Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity! Also, listen to some great Sonic tunes, as well as remixes on this episode..."
Duration: 1:24:42
Download: RS Media

E24 - Sonic Unleashed
Date Added: 19th July 2018
Description: "I hope you're not scared of wolves, 'cause this week's Sonic Game of the Week is Sonic Unleashed! Also, jump through great Sonic tracks and slash through brilliant remixes by the Sonic fan community on this podcast!"
Duration: 1:45:12
Download: RS Media

E25 - Sonic and the Black Knight
Date Added: 19th July 2018
Description: "Equip every medieval stuff you own, 'cause we're taking a dive to King Arthur's world in Sonic and the Black Knight! As always, there's a bunch of sweet Sonic tunes and remixes awaiting for you on this episode aswell!"
Duration: 1:31:46
Download: RS Media

The Manic Monday Show
S3E22 - Ecco the Dolphin Special with Klaimen
Date Added: 10th July 2018
Description: "As a tribute to both Ecco the Dolphin and the amazing community over at Caverns of Hope, we're dedicating this week's show to Ecco music. As a bonus, we also catch up with Klaimen and find out what's in store for Caverns of Hope."
Duration: 2:31:49
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E23 - Blind Spot Week
Date Added: 10th July 2018
Description: "As we get closer to the end of another season of The Manic Monday Show, we also enter the final weeks of Take My Quiz with Jamie64326 doing especially well in this week's quiz. On the musical side of things, we play some tunes from Blind Spot's latest album."
Duration: 2:05:51
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E24 - Second to Last Edition
Date Added: 10th July 2018
Description: "It's the second to last episode of The Manic Monday Show and we're playing some of the host's favourites, the last few third party tracks of the season (maybe...) and almost crowning the winner of Take My Quiz."
Duration: 2:16:48
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E25 - True Ending
Date Added: 17th July 2018
Description: "This is it. The last ever episode of The Manic Monday Show is finally here and it's all about your requests, awesome prizes and an emotional goodbye from the host. Thanks for sticking around for so long and please keep supporting RadioSEGA in the future!"
Duration: 2:54:08
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

Topical Resort
S2E2 - Atlus
Date Added: 6th July 2018
Description: "We're jumping back into the requests already here at the Resort. Some may call it lazy, while in reality it was just the host forgetting that this topic had been requested! This time, thanks to jstarmax, the episode surrounds everyone's favourite JRPG powerhouse: Atlus."
Duration: 2:11:15
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S2E3 - 2D Sonic
Date Added: 13th July 2018
Description: "ViPER is excited for Sonic Mania Plus just as much as he was for the original release, even if the enthusiasm isn't shared! Join him for talk, trivia and a freshly tested topicality!"
Duration: 2:04:45
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S2E4 - SEGA PSVita Games
Date Added: 20th July 2018
Description: "ViPER attempts to breathe some new life into the Vita, whether he was successful or not is up to you! Join us for music, talk, and more awful life jokes."
Duration: 2:03:22
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S2E5 - Off-Topic July '18
Date Added: 27th July 2018
Description: "This episode has the alternate title of Murphy's Resort, because everything that could go wrong did! Tune in to hear the multiple tech issues and some bad rap. Oh, and the promised headlines from July!"
Duration: 2:01:32
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

That's all for this month, catch you next time!

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