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RadioSEGA Media Recap: September 2018

It's a little later than usual, but that doesn't mean that it has more!

You remember all of the other articles where I mentioned that it was a bit of a slow month? Well, I can now with certainty stop using that phrase so frequently, as this month certainly takes the cake. We saw the usual uploads of Topical Resort and..... erm...... every current episode of Last Call, plus......... Sweaty Sundays premiered! ....but it's not on RadioSEGA Media yet. The period symbol on my keyboard seems to be wearing out, so let's get into this month's recap!

Here's what was uploaded to RadioSEGA Media in the month of September 2018:

Last Call

S5E1 - Mesmerist
Date Added: 2nd October 2018
Description: "Last Call Season 5 begun with a set put together by series veteran Mesmerist.  Enjoy a selection of EDM tunes from both himself and acquaintances with guidance from the host himself."
Duration: 0:59:56
Download: RS Media

S5E2 - RapidRun
Date Added: 2nd October 2018
Description: "This week's Last Call set brought back RapidRun, sending in a 1-hour DJ set packed with VGM, arrange tunes and the odd mashup here and there."
Duration: 0:59:06
Download: RS Media

S5E3 - OSC
Date Added: 2nd October 2018
Description: "Opus Science Collective returned to Last Call for the fourth season in a row, with a set in 3 parts and plenty of synthwave.  Oh, and there's dragons in traps as well...!"
Duration: 1:00:41
Download: RS Media

S5E4 - Skyblaze
Date Added: 2nd October 2018
Description: "New to Last Call this season is a set from in-house presenter Skyblaze, bringing in one of the quirkiest sets yet with doses of metal and chiptune alongside your standard dance fare."
Duration: 0:58:40
Download: RS Media

S5E5 - Rexy
Date Added: 2nd October 2018
Description: "Rexy is back again for Last Call's fifth season, with a (mostly) Sega arrange set, and like last year it's in 2 different 30-minute tempo flavors!"
Duration: 1:00:01
Download: RS Media

Topical Resort
S2E11 - FM Towns
Date Added: 7th September 2018
Description: "The Topical Resort goes exotic this week, by looking at a PC and its console counterpart only released in Japan. It's the FM Towns and the FM Towns Marty! Join us for some great tunes, and perhaps some you may recognise from other more famous titles..."
Duration: 2:05:27
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

Date Added: 14th September 2018
Description: "SEGA AGES for Switch is finally just around the corner, which means it's time for it to stop messing with my show schedule! Join us for the next 2 hours as we discuss the various other instances of the brand and our attempt to avoid playing Gain Ground! Oh, and Nintendo, because gaming news."
Duration: 2:07:32
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S2E13 - End of Summer and Autumn Megamix

Date Added: 21st September 2018
Description: "Autumn begins and Summer ends this Sunday in the UK, so why not revive one of our old show types and a series of specials we did around this same subject previously on RadioSEGA? Sounds like a plan! Oh, and we also agree on why Thunder Force IV was actually renamed to Lightening Force, and spoilers, it ain't pretty."
Duration: 2:00:37
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S2E14 - Off-Topic September '18
Date Added: 29th September 2018
Description: "The end of September is already upon us, so come and pay a visit to the Resort as we discuss everything that's relevent and all inbetween! There's more than one #ProblemOfTheWeek, there's rants and there's your requests. What more could you want?"
Duration: 2:09:05
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

Sweaty Sundays
We saved this one until last for two reasons: it's our brand new show, and the other reason is that it's currently not on RS Media (sorry about that!), but it will be coming soon. For those of you who haven't tuned in, first of all, why not? Second of all though, the show revolves around Scott and his co-host Jim discussing all that is relevent in the gaming sphere, as well as the usual banter you'd know and love if you listened into The Voice of SEGA towards the end.

We've got you covered though, since this show airs live on our station, but it's also a joint adventure with the Nintendo Lounge YouTube channel, so previous episodes can be found there and eventually on RadioSEGA Media. Here's the info on the YouTube releases for completion sake.

E01 - The Origins of a Sweaty Podcast
Date uploaded: 16th September 2018
Description: "Welcome to the first ever of Sweaty Sundays! What is Sweaty Sundays, you ask? We're not sure either! But after you finish listening to this chat show Podcast, you're going to have yourself.. A sweaty Sunday!"
Duration: 1:01:49
Listen: YouTube

E02 - Looking for Sailors in Hospitals
Date uploaded: 1st October 2018
Description: "In the second episode of Sweaty Sundays we discuss D3T's latest Shenmue port, Spiderman, the SEGA AGES Titles, Valkyria Chronicles and Scott's recent visit to hospital?!"
Duration: 1:00:37
Listen: YouTube

That's all for this month, join us again next "month" for more Media related postings!

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