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RadioSEGA's WinterFest 2018 - FULL EVENT SCHEDULE

Get Festive with our revealed lineup for this year’s weekend-long event.

WinterFest is coming...
this coming Friday, to be exact.

We can now officially show you what we got on tap for the big weekend chock full with 30+ hours of special content running December 14th to 16th, featuring RadioSEGA shows past and present along with guest broadcasts. Don’t forget the bevy of prize giveaways to be had, such as those Insert Coin vouchers, plus Steam codes and more!

Askerisk " * " marks prize giveaway during select broadcast

Friday, December 14th, 2018:

5PM GMT (6pm CET/12pm EST/9am PST) - Topical Resort with GreenViper8*
7:15PM GMT (8:15pm CET/2:15pm EST/11:15am PST) - SEGA Mixer Drive with Rexy*
9:20PM GMT (10:20pm CET/4:20pm EST/1:20pm PST) - The Hidden Palace with Skyblaze*
10:30PM GMT (11:30pm CET/5:30pm EST/2:30pm PST) - Club SEGA with INeedFruit*
12:15AM GMT (1:15am CET/7:15pm EST/4:15pm PST) - Chaos Control Center with cdrom1019 and BDX
2:30AM GMT (3:30am CET/9:30pm EST/6:30pm PST) - Last Call: The WinterFest 2018 Sets - #01: RapidRun
3:20AM GMT (4:20am CET/10:20pm EST/7:20pm PST) - RSN Live with voice*

Saturday, December 15th, 2018:

2PM GMT (3pm CET/9am EST/6am PST) - ForeverWhooa's Winter Hours with Whooa21*
4:10PM GMT (5:10pm CET/11:10am EST/8:10am PST) -
You’re Too Show, hosted by Splendor and Caleb
5PM GMT (6pm CET/12pm EST/9am PST) - Last Call: The WinterFest 2018 Sets - #02: OSC
5:50PM GMT (6:50pm CET/12:50pm EST/9:50am PST) - Ravsdom!!, hosted by Ravsieg*
8:10PM GMT (9:10pm CET/3:10pm EST/12:10pm PST) - Silver's Secret Surprise Show, presented by SilverSonic*
10:20PM GMT (11:20pm CET/5:20pm EST/2:20pm PST) - Saturday Night SEGA with Gavvie
12:20AM GMT (1:20am CET/7:20pm EST/4:20pm PST) - Blastmas 5, presented by The Blast Processors*
2:30AM GMT (3:30am CET/9:30pm EST/6:30pm PST) - The Music Plant Zone with VizardJeffhog*
4:30AM GMT (5:30am CET/11:30pm EST/8:30pm PST) - Last Call: The WinterFest 2018 Sets - #03: Listener Mix

Sunday, December 16th, 2018:

12PM GMT (1pm CET/7am EST/4am PST) - SEGA Talk, presented by SEGAbits
1:30PM GMT (2:30pm CET/8:30am EST/5:30am PST) - Last Call: The WinterFest 2018 Sets - #03: Listeners' Mix (ENCORE)
2:20PM GMT (3:20pm CET/9:20am EST/6:20am PST)
- Sweaty Sundays with DrScottnik & Nalbis*
3:25PM GMT (4:25pm CET/10:25am EST/7:25am PST) - The Voice Of SEGA with DrScottnik
4:25PM GMT (5:25pm CET/11:25am EST/8:25am PST) - The Blue Zone with PTKickass*
6:08PM GMT (7:08pm CET/1:08pm EST/10:08am PST) - Radio Redux, hosted by AAUK*
8PM GMT (9pm CET/3pm EST/12pm PST) - The Tally-Ho Show!, presented by Andy and James
10:25PM GMT (11:25pm CET/5:25pm EST/2:25pm PST) - The SEGA Lounge, presented by KC*

Do note that times/slots are subject to change; keep in check with this post as well as our Twitter and Facebook accounts for any such happenings. Tell your friends and let know to Get Festive with us!

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