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RadioSEGA to Archive "The SEGAGuys RetroPod"

The SegaGuys RetroPod has sadly come to an end... Thankfully, we've teamed up with its hosts to perserve their podcast archive from deletion!

As you may have seen at the end of last week, it was announced by both of the hosts of "The SEGAGuys RetroPod" that its podcast would be coming to an end nearly 2 years after its run began. The popular podcast saw Dan "The Mega Driver" and James "The SegaHolic" chat about their burning passion for SEGA every episode, with special guests featured throughout the series.

A lack of time and co-ordination between both parties due to the mounting pressure of life commitments was cited as the cause to end "RetroPod," a very reasonable need to take a step back as I'm sure we can all relate to. However, with the podcast's sudden end came an issue regarding how to preserve this content for the future...

At the start of Season 2, we made a deal with The SEGAGuys to begin airing their podcast on RadioSEGA Monday evenings at 6pm UK time, and off the back of this deal we reformed our Guest Nights programming block, a previously scrapped endevour featuring content created by our various community partners. New episodes of the "RetroPod" aired once every 2 weeks on RadioSEGA, with that particular episode being released to podcasting platforms the following Saturday. However, despite the show airing on our station, we did not handle "RetroPod" podcast releases or distribution (this is the case for all programming that air as part of our Guest Nights block). That duty would come down to the Dan and James themselves, as they continued to maintain their podcast through service PodBean as they had done previously. As anyone who's ever produced a podcast will know, keeping said podcast hosted can be expensive, especially if using a pre-existing podcast host. It's completely understandable therefore that the duo wouldn't want to continue paying for these hosting services for a dead podcast, but there also lie our problems.

February 11th is when their Podbean account is set to be locked, and with no contingency plans in place to continue supporting the podcast elsewhere, that's where The SEGAGuys RetroPod would've therefore been delisted from podcasting services and possibly destined to become lost to the sands of time.

Enter RadioSEGA, and enter me, GreenViper8.

RadioSEGA listeners will know that we host our own podcasts, and minus one minor blip, we've been doing so for over 12 years now. We have the capabilities to save the "RetroPod" and with a little bit of time and effort, and gracious approval of both Dan & James, that's exactly what I did. I've spent the last few days manually downloading every episode of the podcast, carefully retagging them for upload to RadioSEGA Media before finally manually creating an RSS feed by hand so that the podcast can continue to remain on podcasting platforms. All in all, a lot of work spread over a few days, but work that I view as incredibly meaningful and worthwhile. I firmly believe in the archival of content created by the SEGA community, and RS listeners and readers of my on-site blogposts will know that I've spent countless days rendering and tagging podcasts as well as writing RSS feeds so as little of our programming as I can manage becomes lost. I make online, offline, cloud and digital backups of my own podcasts as well as others so there's absolutely no way that they can go missing. It's something I take incredibly seriously, as I would hate for this content to vanish without a trace one day. You never know how important a podcast, show or individual episode could potentially be to someone, and how it could make their day, week, month or even year to hear it again.

With that out of the way... Let's talk changes. In terms of audio, the audio files are completely untouched, completely raw. They were pulled from the PodBean feed directly, no further changes were made. But while you're hearing the exact same episode, the tagging to the respective have changed. To keep each episode consistent with one another, certain episodes have had their titles and descriptions slightly altered. Now, don't worry, this isn't to a massive extent, just enough to make each episode slightly more co-hesive. I've gone back and fixed grammar, spelling, capitalisation and punctuation mistakes throughout the 35 episodes available, and also removed mentions to the podcast's now dead Twitter account and links. We hope that this improves the listening experience for anyone going back through or even listening for the first time while not deviating too far from the original experience.

You can head on over to our Media section and click on "The SEGAGuys RetroPod" to download each episode individually, or you can grab the RSS feed to add to your podcatcher of choice. Over the coming days and weeks, podcasting services should begin changing the feed over from the PodBean version to our own, so remain subscribed and you should begin to see the changes reflected on those platforms soon.

If, like me, you also care a lot about preservation of online content, I highly encourage you to download these episodes for yourself and make your own backups. Same with every piece of RadioSEGA content, or any podcast you love. As much as we all wish it was, content online isn't permanent. But if you care about it, you can go the extra mile to keep it in your possession for as long as possible.

Thank you so much once again to both Dan and James for producing a phenominal podcast, and it's an honour to be able to save it from digital deletion. Thank you both for everything, here's to life settling down and for better projects to come!

2nd February, 2022 - 22:40 GMT GreenViper8 Article viewed 3185 times 0 Comments


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