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SEGA Music, Podcasts, Videos and more from RadioSEGA & the community!

Not familar with RadioSEGA's media section? You soon will be! Whilst there is plenty of music, podcasts and videos available from the folks here at RadioSEGA and the community, a lot more are on their way.

RadioSEGA Media (otherwise known as RSM) hosts a wide range of music from SEGA Games to listen to and download, the same is true of our Podcasts and we have a new videos appearing too!

Are we on Aisle 10?
No, but it'll make you think you are! We add music to RSM from SEGA's huge back catalogue of games. It's easy to listen to no matter what device you're using these days and we offer a free .zip download of albums - no registration required!

Of course we are all for supporting SEGA, these days they are releasing more soundtracks than ever from their games. So if it's available to buy we will soon be offering direct links for you to go purchase them, whilst offering samples of the music. Sound fair? Tough. SEGA runs a  business and as fans we're all here to support them.

We're casting our pods far and wide...
As a radio station we of course offer our shows via downloadable podcast. But did you know we also support the SEGA & Sonic communities podcasts too! In fact we have the biggest choice of SEGA podcasts in the world ~ in fact probably more than iTunes (or if not it soon will be!).

Not only that we add new podcasts as soon as they arrive, right now we're adding a HUGE back catalogue from the comunity including the likes of Radio Redux, SEGA Nerds, SEGA Addicts and many many more which you can find here.

But if you do make a SEGA-based podcast we'd love to hear from you one way or another!

Notion of Motion (Video)?
RadioSEGA will now have NEW videos added to the media section featuring reviews, in-game footage, trailers and exclusive event footage and some never-ever seen before video too!

So if we haven't given you plenty of reasons to visit Radio SEGA's media section then you're dafter than an egg-based man! Head on over to RSM now to listen to the latest from RadioSEGA & the community and don't forget you can download and take your media on the go with you too!

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