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Hello all again it's your friendly face FastFeet (except most haven't seen the face) here to deliver another timely update on the media section of RadioSEGA. We start with some media section news with a roundup of what's to come.

The media section of RadioSEGA is a huge archive in its own right and you can be damn sure that you find all of this media in one place anywhere else, but the time has come to upgrade it somewhat. Whilst we won't be changing the way the media section looks we are changing how it works so expect to see some coming changes over September and possibly October too.

Hopefully this won't affect your viewing of our awesome media, but if you experience any problems please report it by clicking here or by clicking the report button when watching media.

For those of you who love their fix of RadioSEGA's media you're probably getting a bit fed up with SEGA Addicts, well, their podcasts anyways. We have in fact been posting an episode from SEGA Addicts' archive daily so we have something for you to look forward to every day. But change is always welcome so as we're in September now it's time to start mixing it up a bit!

The Cyber Razor Cut and RadioSEGA's Top 40 Countdown as new shows will have their recorded episodes regularly released. The Game of the Month show also finds its way onto RSM, but due to the fact that way the show works you'll get a double wammy of the GotM video special and a podcast reflecting back on the game too!

Whilst it's not our intention to bombard you with loads of old-school episodes from way back when, we are the largest supplied of SEGA Podcasts in the world so excuse us while we keep building a huge pile of media for y'all. Speaking of which we're digging deep into archives... before RadioSEGA existed... so stay tuned for them!

Season 4 of Radio Redux will be making it's way onto the site and seasons 5 onwards will follow shortly. Finally we will be playing catch up with the last few episodes of SEGA Addicts that were recently released.

Weirdly enough many of us at RadioSEGA love our videos (despite being a radio station and all) and will be aiming to release many play throughs of games amongst others. Stay tuned here for more updates shortly.

Most of you out there are probably thinking "I'd love to download that track I listened to on RadioSEGA the other day" - well that's what the media section is here for. Right now we don't have a lot to offer but there's plenty to add. However anything that can be purchased will not be added as we'd rather you support SEGA by throwing your wallet at them (just not literally of course).

As this work and updates are ongoing be sure to check back to RadioSEGA for more updates shortly.

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