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RadioSEGA Address of 2014

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year! I tried to send out an email to all of our members on Christmas day but it appears that it may not have sent.

I would like to thank the staff at RadioSEGA for all of their hard work this year. We’ve seen fantastic article writing from our news and review teams keeping everyone up to date with all the goings on in the world of SEGA. We’ve had excellent live shows from our long serving DJ team and newcomers to the live show line-up, along with guest hosts from the wider SEGA community. We have even attended live events, like Summer of Sonic and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to bring you the coverage as it has been happening. I’d like to thank the technical team (not just because I’m a part of it!) because they’ve been on hand to fix issues and oversee the server moves from two of our three servers. I’d like to thank our playlist managers and everyone involved in keeping our music library up to date and fully searchable for requesting and favouriting, and finally to our Social Media team for keeping you all up to date with the latest goings on around RadioSEGA.


I would like to thank other communities that have supported us this year, in particular, Sonic Paradox - you can never have too much Donnie (!) and for the opportunity of collaborating with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade event, Sonic Radio for the hosting the RadioSEGA radio streams when our hosting provider failed on us, to the Sonic Stadium for being a part of their Project 24 show marathon for the 4th year running and to them for streaming the live audio at Summer of Sonic, to Sonic Wrecks and Last Minute Continue for all the support they have given and for all the fantastic Radio Redux shows, to Radio Nintendo for the cross participation in radio shows this year despite SEGA doing what Nintendo’nt (!!) and to OC Remix for sharing new SEGA mixes with us via twitter and the support they have given to Rexy for SEGA Mixer Drive.


However, RadioSEGA would be nothing if it weren’t for you, our RadioSEGA community. We’d like to thank you for continuing to contribute to the topics we discuss on the forums, for interacting with the live shows in the IRC and for spreading the word and communicating with us on our social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook.


If you aren’t a member of RadioSEGA, you’re missing out! RadioSEGA is one of the only radio stations online where you are in control of what we play. Most of our live shows accept requests and even shoutout your username on air. During the 24/7 stream, you can interact with the website to make a request and your username appears in the Now Playing box. As a member of RadioSEGA, you can also interact with like-minded SEGA fans in our community forums. Drop by and say hello! Membership is optional as you can also contact us on Twitter, Facebook, and via IRC.


We are bursting with new ideas and we hope to show you some of them over the coming year!


We also have some changes to the coming live show lineup. Rexy has outgrown her 1-hour timeslot on a Friday, and to save clashing with Turbo Drive Live over on our friend’s station, SegaSonic Radio, SEGA Mixer Drive will be moving to a later time of 9pm for a longer 2-hour show. But what about Foreversonic’s Random Hour? Well, if my broadband holds up, FRH will be moving to a new timeslot on Saturday evenings where Saturday Night SEGA used to be, now that Gavvie’s show has come to an end. If Gavvie ever wishes to return to the air, he will always be welcome.


Finally, I have two special people I’d like to say a personal thank you to. Firstly, I would like to thank Gavvie for all the hard work he’s put into making RadioSEGA what it is today and for continuing to promote RadioSEGA wherever he can. Lastly, I would like to thank KC for everything he’s done. There’s quite a lot of things that happen behind the scenes at RadioSEGA in order to keep RS one of the best resources for SEGA music and news and without KC going out of his way on many occasions, some of what you see and hear wouldn’t have been possible.


Here's to 2014 and everything it brings!!


- foreversonic

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