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RadioSEGA Address of 2015

2015 already? Time flies and no one warned me!

Hello everyone! January is here and that means several communities around the web look back at what happened last year and talk about their hopes for the new year. Why should we be different?
2014 in review
First of all, what have we been up to last year? Well, 2014 saw RadioSEGA focus more on its “core business”, the radio.
With the implementation of ‘Project 7’, we tried our hand at news reporting, reviewing games and wrote some pretty interesting features. However, we were losing focus on what we do best. There are several community websites out there doing the news in a better way than we ever could. Check out our friends SEGADriven and Sega Nerds, to name but a couple. Several community websites also review SEGA games and can bring you a better insight into what makes a game good or bad.
What makes us RadioSEGA is exactly that, though: the radio! Ever since Mark opened the 24/7 stream in 2006 and ResidentSD hosted the first ever LiVE show in 2010, that’s been the main reason people visit us. To listen to their favourite SEGA tunes and some quality shows.
Last year, we had new seasons of SEGA Mixer Drive, The Cyber Razor Cut and RadioSEGA’s Top 40 Countdown; the randomness of Foreversonic’s Random Hour; the dual casting madness of RSN Live and the caffeinated lunacy of The Late (x3) Afternoon Breakfast Show. And the first season of The SEGA Lounge happened, bringing a new kind of talk show to the airwaves with very special guests from the community and the video game industry.
Then came the Winter and we celebrated the cold by hosting the first community-wide event ever to take place on our station: RadioSEGA’s WinterFest 2014. 19 shows spread out across the weekend, over 50 prizes won by our listeners… It was a great moment of joint community effort and it was nice to see people getting involved.
All of this saw us have an increase in listener requests from our playlist the whole year long, breaking all records. And the average number of listeners during the day increased as well.
None of this would’ve been possible if not for our wonderful team of people working hard behind the scenes to keep RS up and running!
What can you expect from 2015?
LiVE SHOWS! That’s right. Check this out: Season 3 of SEGA Mixer Drive starts this month; Gavvie is bringing back Saturday Night SEGA this month; Andy’s back with the very original and exciting RadioSEGA’s Sunday Funday this month; and EsperK, a brand new voice, is hosting a special series of shows dedicated to the music of Phantasy Star: Phantasy Star Beats (starting this month!).
January will be an exciting month for us. But that’s not all. We’re working hard to bring you even more new shows and content to listen to. Stay tuned for news on that very soon.
We’re also working hard to improve our website this year. Maybe we can finally show you the infamous ‘Project 8’! Our message boards are still open so go take a look if you haven’t already. And written features like the popular “Memories of SEGA” will still have their place on our site. In short, exciting times are ahead of us!
I’d like to publicly thank our entire staff for their hard work. Special thanks go out to SEGA and our community friends. But, most importantly, I’d like to thank every one of our listeners for their support in 2014 and hope you keep giving us the privilege of entertaining you in 2015. We at RadioSEGA wish you all the best for you and your loved ones in 2015 and beyond!

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