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RadioSEGA Address of 2016

Yet another year is upon us. It's gonna be special!

Hello all! I hope 2016 is treating you well so far. It's that time of the year again, when we look back and move forward.
2015 in review
Just as promised on last year's message, this was the year of LiVE shows. New seasons of old favourites started, new shows came to the airwaves and with them both new and old show hosts.
Highlights included Gavvie's and Andy's returns to RadioSEGA, and new "kids" EsperK, Ravsieg, INeedFruit and DrScottnik the team! We were also joined by Brett, Stevie and their Sega Addicts friends.
Just a couple of weeks back, we held the second edition of RadioSEGA's WinterFest event, with even more shows and community guests hoping on RS airwaves during a whole weekend! If you've missed any of them, have you grabbed the podcasts yet?
Sadly, we weren't able to deliver on the promise of a new website. But read on for news on that.
2016 - 10 years of RadioSEGA!
What can you expect from us in 2016? Our main focus will be, once again, the radio, so expect LiVE shows, new and old, specials and more music being added to the playlist on a regular basis.
Have an idea or suggestion for radio content? Let us know here.
Something that we've been working on recently is the implementation of new rules for requests. Last year, a few people complained about listening to some tracks over and over again on the 24/7 stream. Sometimes, those tracks were being requested by the same person/couple of people over and over again. In an effort to bring some variety to the stream, we have enforced a set of new and stricter rules, which will hopefully help. Some of you will probably be a bit upset for not having as much freedom for their requests as before, we know. However, we believe that, in the long run, and for the vast majority of regular listeners, these new rules will actually improve the listening experience. You can read about these new rules, which are now in place, here.
Come March, RadioSEGA will be 10 years old! We're working on ways of celebrating the occasion in style. I'll be honest: one of them is a new image and new website, yes. However, we're not entirely sure we'll be able to make that happen in time for the anniversary.
That being said, we're planning other stuff. For example, are you a long time RadioSEGA listener? We want you to help us find out what the most iconic tracks played on RadioSEGA for the past 10 years, aka "RadioSEGA Classics" are.
In short, stay tuned to RadioSEGA, figuratively and literally!
I'd like to thank our dedicated staff for their hard work. This year, I feel that our amazing team of show hosts deserves a very special mention. Your work has been brilliant! Most of all, though, thank YOU, reading this message, for listening to us. Have a great 2016 and keep it locked to RadioSEGA - it's gonna be worth it, we promise!

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