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RadioSEGA is dedicated to playing the best Sega music via the Shoutcast streaming platform, as well as building a friendly community of gamers on our message boards.

RadioSEGA first began back in March of 2006 as MySEGA Radio. It was an experiment with Shoutcast to see what Mark could do with it. For a few weeks a playlist of a few hundred tracks was played to a few friends on forums and MSN Messenger. A few weeks later he named it RadioSEGA and started to build a site especially for RadioSEGA. RadioSEGA's playlist grew a little bigger and he was broadcasting for at least 12 hours a day.

As people liked the idea and he was featured in Retro Gamer magazine, he made the station go live 24 hours a day still using his home PC. The site was redesigned around June as he got involved with the Summer of Sonic which helped RadioSEGA grow very quickly over a short amount of time - after this he decided to invest in a dedicated server box for the station and began to look into new ideas.

Sadly around August of 2006 the site went offline as he didn't have any time to keep it going - but he began planning to bring it back in October, and the site with the forums came back online in December of 2006. This time it had something new, automatic requests. This proved extremely popular and set RadioSEGA apart from the competition.

As 2007 came about, the playlist was still being expanded and new site ideas were being added such as Game of the Month - July 2007 was the last major update until June 2008, where a totally new RadioSEGA has come online which promised to be bigger and better.

In March 2009, the radio went from being a 24 hour stream, with listener requests to the addition of live shows. ResidentSD hosted the very first show with SEGA AGES, a show that is themed to a particular year, composer, artist or console; followed by Saturday Night SEGA, RadioSEGA's longest running first-party radio show as hosted by our new owner, Gavvie.

Since then, a number of new shows have spawned featuring live on-air music in Foreversonic's Random Hour and an RPG dedicated show, Sword of SEGA with Capncloudchaser to name a few.

RadioSEGA has also played host to shows that began life on other online Radio stations, like Radio Redux with AAUK and EchoHawk, and Turbo Drive Live, hosted by SSMB's very own Turbo.

A huge thanks must go out to the RadioSEGA staff for helping Mark create the community and the beginnings of the site, and to Gavvie for shaping the community into what it is now; to AAUK, former Community Manager at Sega Europe, for the help and support he has given; and to everyone who has helped us along the way!

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Hatsune Miku: GetReady
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Labyrinth - Jungle Navigation
7th Dragon [Arrange ver.]
Top 10 Requests
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