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At RadioSEGA we're always looking for new ways to let our community get involved, with RadioSEGA Live there's a few ways you can get involved...

Interact with RadioSEGA Live

Don't just listen to RadioSEGA Live - be part of it! Our show presenters want to hear from you, whether it be for music requests, comments on show topics, or anything else SEGA and video game related. Not only that, but you can also communicate with the RadioSEGA community as they listen to our live shows too!

You can get in touch with us via any of the following 5 methods:

  • The RadioSEGA IRC channel - The quickest, easiest and fastest way to interact with RadioSEGA Live is via the RadioSEGA IRC channel. Our presenters are always in there during live shows, along with many of your fellow listeners, so it's the perfect way to interact with us and everyone listening!

  • Twitter - Our DJs have access to the @RadioSEGA Twitter account, so you can get in touch with us via the popular micro-blogging service. We also post news and show information to our Twitter page, so make sure you follow us!

  • Facebook - Become a fan of RadioSEGA on Facebook, interact with our other fans, plus send us your comments by posting on our wall!

  • RadioSEGA Message Boards - All of our presenters are members of the RadioSEGA Message Boards, and many of our shows also have related forum threads, so get involved with those, or you can simply get in touch via the private messaging function on the boards!

Our current DJs:

foreversonic (from Foreversonic's Random Hour)

ShadowRemix (from Late (x3) Afternoon Breakfast Show)

Rexy (from SEGA Mixer Drive)

sonicyoda (from The Cyber Razor Cut)

KC (from RadioSEGA's Top 40 Countdown)

voice (from RSN Live)

Gavvie (from GLiTCH)

Got a show idea? Want to present a show?

We hope you enjoy all of the shows we bring to you as part of RadioSEGA Live. However, if you have an idea for a show and want to be part of the RadioSEGA Live presenting team, we want to hear from you!

Obviously, we're only looking for people who are committed to presenting their show on RadioSEGA. Presenting a show is a lot of work and requires a lot of work and commitment. If you're not serious about presenting a show, and cannot commit to presenting it regularly, please don't get in touch with us. We also expect a very high standard from our presenters as we want to bring our listeners the best SEGA radio station that we possibly can. Therefore, making an application to present a show does not guarantee you will get on the air.

Still interested? Get in touch with us. Email Foreversonic at foreversonic [ at ] radiosega [ dot ] net.

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