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April Fools! Did We Get You?

Yep, the best time of year to play practical jokes on people has come and gone. But did we fool you with any of the four pranks we pulled...wait, hang on. FOUR?!?

If I'm allowed to be honest - I love April Fools. I love the creativity behind some of the pranks that are pulled, from Sonic Stadium's 1990's-esque home page, the BMWs announcement that they're creating a pram. It's also a time of year where I flex my brain muscles and try and REALLY see if I can fool some people, and I'd like to think I did.

Starting at the beginning - I'm afraid to say that Sonic 4 Episodes I & II are not coming to Vita or 3DS. This was initially the only joke I was going to pull on you guys, and as such it's the one I put the most thought into. The mock boxart is just the front cover of the Original Soundtrack, albeit with the "Original Soundtrack" bit taken out, and some PEGI logos added.

This also means that Valkyria Chronicles IV is also made up. Whilst I'm sure a fourth game is bound to get announced at some point, the liklihood of it releasing over here is quite slim. That logo? A photoshopped version of Valkyria Chronicles II, using the V of Valkyria and a hell of a lot of colouring in - I'm surprised nobody noticed, as I look at it now and some of it is still obvious XD

Finally, Phantasy Star Online 2 on Wii U is, once again, quite fake. This one isn't actually mine, credit has to go to CapnCloudchaser for the suggestion here, and it was too good an idea to pass on. Had there been more time, we would've perhaps created a fake PDF to go with it, but them's the brakes.

You might've noticed that the authors of those three articles were mtwinny, Gonic and KC respectively. Lies, all of them. You see, foreversonic very kindly dropped a bit of code in, allowing me, and only me, to change the name of the member posting the article. We agreed that seeing three news articles posted by myself would've made even the most convincing articles very obvious, given the fact that I don't post news that often. I'd like to apologise to the three members who's names I hijacked, whilst also thanking them for being good sports about it.

But...there was one more. The three news articles might not've fooled you, but this last one did. The announcement that Saturday Night SEGA was ending.Faker than Katie Price's chest, that one. The story behind it is very much in the realms of truth - SNS has had connection problems these past few weeks, SAM has been an annoyance, and ending SNS early has been a thought that occured to me. But - I am no quitter. The technical problems I've been having these past couple of weeks are challenging, but they've not been bad enough to the point of an early finish.

To reiterate - Saturday Night SEGA will still be on this Saturday, as it has been nearly every Saturday since March 2010, at 10pm UK Time.

In closing - if you, somehow, wasn't fooled by any of the April Fools pranks we offered up this year - we'll get you next year. Promise.

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TheChaosBlue 02nd April, 2013 - 01:09

I have to say, the Sonic 4 news thing was the closest I felt could happen initially. I mean, it being on the Vita wouldn't be that bad, but the 3DS...yeah. Don't care as much about the VC news, the PSO2 news...it being delayed/Wii U sounded really plausible. But like the others it was fake. Tru played us good, good move there. I did mention that having three different news writers writing three different stories respectively sounded fishy to me, but I didn't know you were behind them all. You got my brother's style down when he does news pretty good. But SNS ending? Even with the recent issues; nah I didn't believe that for a second. Nice use of trying your hardest to make it seem so though. ..we may still use the hashtag #RIPSaturdayNightSEGA or maybe #RIPSNS right when it ACTUALLY comes right? I was going to.

Whooa21 02nd April, 2013 - 12:13

I didn't believe the others but I actually believed the SNS one. Silly me XD

KC 02nd April, 2013 - 13:05

Aw, come on! Even with my tweet messing with Toonami fans, people still fell for it? XD

ZonicZoneCop 02nd April, 2013 - 13:30


dakotahunt15 18th May, 2013 - 15:22

Why does Sony act like they're Nintendo? Are they too good for SEGA?

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