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An Interview with Tomoya Koga, an Individual - Part Three

We round out Nicolaas' interview with guitarist and former SEGA composer Tomoya Koga, this time focused on his work with the Border Break series and collaborations with his fellow musicians!

Welcome to our third and final part to Nic's special Individual interview with Tomoya Koga! If you haven't checked the previous portions of their chat, please do so by clicking here and here.
Much like those parts, Tomoya's answers here are presented in both English and Japanese as Nic didn't actually translate any of his English text as Koga-san did, thus best to preserve every line so that anyone with fluency in both languages can spot where misunderstandings may have occurred.
Without further ago, here is Part 3. Enjoy!



Q: Since leaving SEGA in… 2010, I believe? You’ve made an impact arranging theme songs for some games like Shining Force CROSS RAID, Virtua Tennis 4 and especially the BORDER BREAK series. Do you do this for other game companies as well? KONAMI’s BUSOU SHINKI is the only one I know about.


A: It may have affected a little bit on a few projects like Border Break but I guess no effects on others. I was just working on a few projects in huge amounts of others.



Q: This question might be too specific, but for BORDER BREAK and BORDER BREAK AIRBURST, do you remember any specific tracks you worked on? I’ve tried my best over the years to compile lists of which tracks were whose work.


A: I suppose I might have joined some… but I don’t exactly know the names of them. I might remember if I listen it them.



Q: This is even more specific! I especially want to know about Dissidents, a song composed by Junpei Mishima for PS4 BORDER BREAK. I don’t know if it appears in the final game, but at least in the files for the 2009 BORDER BREAK (before Mishima worked on BB) there’s a very similar track called nrs_bgm02. Is that one of your tracks and you weren’t credited on BORDER BREAK MUSIC COLLECTION TYPE-05?

A 1 minute comparison between the two songs if it helps.

より具体的な質問をさせてください。PS4版ボーダーブレイクの曲、ミシマジュンペイさんのDissidentsについてです。2009年のボーダーブレイクの音楽ファイルの中に、nrs_bgm02という似た曲があり、もしかしてあなたの曲だったりしますか?ボーダーブレイクミュージックコレクション Type-05に収録されています。

A: I’ve just listened to it. I think that’s a song with some arrangements with what I made before. Some of the guitar sounds also sound like pieces I played. However, basically that is a work of Mishima. 



Q: You’ve worked on a lot of Animation since 2010, such as Sora no Otoshimono f, SENGOKUCHOJYUGIGA and Love Live! Sunshine!! 2. Was that something you were interested in contributing to when you went freelance?


A: Those were works luckily I got opportunities to play roles of composing and playing the guitars. I don’t have any particular genres to pick.



Q: Do you sometimes have days where you’re recording for multiple mediums at the same time? For example, one hour you’re recording for an idol song, the next recording for a commercial, another hour later for a game.


A: If I don’t have so much time, I would be busy like that. I feel some difficulty to switch the mood so I try my best to avoid those situations.



Q: Mayumi Ohnishi wrote lyrics for several of your songs around 2010~2012 like TRIBE, エクボ and maybe awake from Shining Force CROSS ElysioN if that’s a song you worked on (I only know it’s composed by SEGA AM2 SOUND and arranged by Daniel OK). Did you two want to work together often back then or was it just coincidences?

2010年から2012年の間、TRIBEやエクボ、シャイニングフォースクロス・エリュシオンのAwakeなど、私の記憶が正しければ大西真弓さんはよくあなたの曲(SEGA AM2 SOUNDが作曲を担当していたということで推測しています)の作詞を担当していましたが、それらは偶然だったのでしょうか?

A: Yes I guess it was just coincidence because I didn’t pick the lyric writer.



Q: RamSeeni is another artist you’ve worked with a lot, although I know very little about. What led to that?


A: I got introduced by a common friend with him and I guess he liked my guitar playing maybe? Now he’s so famous. 




Q: Were you a member of Metasequoia? I’m still trying to piece together which members of BORDER BREAK SOUND TEAM would have been part of the band and who wouldn’t. Is the band still active?


A: Metasequoia doesn’t have regular activities. i sometimes play the guitar for them since the beginning. If you search “エースボーダー頂上決戦”, I guess you can find some videos.



Q: Finally, I’d like to ask what inspires you to make music to be heard by other people, not just yourself?


A: During the production of games, the theme and stories are built by other artists and producers. I make music to enhance the views of game worlds, and think about players if they feel better with my musics and get into the world of games. My motto is “Feeling good”.


"Thank you very much for your time, Koga-san! Very lucky, as it means the episode about you is now so much more informative and accurate! And thank you all for reading if you made it to the very end!"




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