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Finite no Ippo

There's still several of Izuho Numata's SEGA years to cover, looks like we'll have to wait a year before picking back up in a part 2... or we could do it next week!

This post is all about the next episode of Individual, with game examples, request advice, sources to learn about more eligible works, and a couple times the show will be going LiVE.

I know if might seem obvious to do it this way all along, but i've grown a lot since multi-parters were teased as early as Individual's first episode. So many new things I learn and tools I gain. But maybe we can do Izuho Numata's complete history (up to now) justice, continuing in 1992 with talks and music of the SEGA games Honoo no Toukyuuji Dodge Danpei, DARK WIZARD, PHANTASY STAR The end of the millinium and more, and there'll also be coverage of her freelance work, including Metalgun Slinger, Futari wa Precure: Arienai! Yume no Kuni wa Daimeikyuu, Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende and more!


For those in the ever-growing future, this week's episode was about Jun Senoue. Get a look at when it began!


If you need an explanation of what Individiual is: It's an (adjective) show in which we take the time to discuss the histories and sounds of SEGA Sound Designers (or at least the composers with substantial ties to SEGA). We'll be playing music, going through some history and having some chats.


You can send in your requests, I've got enough space for about 3 of them (arbitrary number). Feel free to request any song from a project Numata has worked on or any remix of a song composed by her. You can send me your requests via Discord (I'll be listed in RadioSEGA's Discord) or X (this is me). I might be recording the episode on Tuesday, so please send in your requests before then even if I go LiVE (I still like to edit together some sick transitions and can't really do that in the moment)!


If you're not sure what songs are eligible and don't mind mild spoilers, feel free to check out these

Izuho Numata - Sega Retro

Izuho Numata - VGMdb

Izuho Numata - MobyGames


If you're wondering when this show airs, it's on Wednesdays (this time the 20th) and airs at:

6:00 PM - United Kingdom Time (most RadioSEGA folks)

7:00 PM - Central European Time (some others) (me, I'm living in 7:00 PM territory)

and lasts for somewhere around 1 to 2 hours!

(note that start times might change if, due to loadshedding in South Africa, it turns out I won't have power during planned showtime)

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