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Past/Off-Season Shows

Since the launch of RadioSEGA Live! in March 2010, we've brought you a whole host of great shows, some of which are no longer airing on RadioSEGA, either due to them coming to an end or being currently 'off season'. Check out the list below to find out more and to download old episodes!



Ended, 2010 - 2012 (Original run); 2016 - Present (Specials)

SEGA AGES takes a look back at the soundtracks that define the history of SEGA. Whether we're looking at a specific year, console or other SEGA-related theme, SEGA AGES is the place to celebrate the history of the gaming company we all love!

Sword of SEGA

Ended, 2011 - 2012

Want to go on an adventure? Sword of SEGA celebrates all SEGA-based Role Playing Games, past and present. Join our party to hear music ranging from Phantasy Star to Yakuza!


Mock The Geek

Ended, 2011

Mock the Geek is SEGA Media's all new podcast show returning for series 3. For 1 hour every week join FastFeet & regulars ArchAngelUK (Sonic Wrecks), JayZeach (Sonic Stadium), Roareye Black (Sonic Showcase Network) and Vger (Emerald Coast) plus a smorgasbord of guests to discuss and mock the weeks SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog news! It's the communitys first and only panel show, featuring several SEGA/Sonic takes on familiar rounds from other well known panel shows. All of this adds up to can't miss listening!

Foreversonic's Random Hour

Ended, 2010 - 2012, 2017-2018

Foreversonic's Random Hour are totally unplanned, totally unscripted and totally, well, random, in bringing you tracks from all known corner's of the SEGA universe.

FastFeet's FoneMix

Ended, 2010

The Official SEGA Media Podcast. Back for Series 2 under the new name of FastFeet's FoneMix, we present the only SEGA and Sonic community call-in show anywhere online! FastFeet is joined by regular co-host SJ, along with the many people who call in via Skype talking about everything SEGA, Sonic and video game related.

The SEGA Jukebox

Ended, 2010

You Control RadioSEGA, LiVE! Join SJ for The SEGA Jukebox, RadioSEGA's live request show where you pick the music.

Ultra Wave

Ended, 2013

The music request show dedicated to the fans of Sonic the Hedgehog. Want to listen to some way past cool tunes from from the Sonic fanbase? You want them - you get them! Then just sit back and relax.


Late and Live

Returns 11th February 2022!

Late and Live brings "the Sound of Friday night to RadioSEGA" with the best mix of uptempo SEGA music and community remixes to kick off your RadioSEGA LiVE weekend. With regular themed shows, handpicked music shows, free-for-alls and month-end Listener Mix shows where YOU pick all the tunes, we're pumping RadioSEGA's biggest party directly into your speakers or headphones! Regular episodes return on Friday 11th February 2022!

The Sonic R Show

The Sonic R Show (dubbed The Late, Late, Late Afternoon Breakfast Show here on RadioSEGA) - run by ShadowRemix - features music both official & community-wise, from the Sonic universe. Plus, he'll speak on the latest gaming happenings and also speak his own mind on certain gaming topics in his segment "The Remix Rant." Grab a cup of coffee, tune in and enjoy!


RadioSEGA Presents...

Special Series

RadioSEGA Presents debuts a new soundtrack for the first time to the RadioSEGA airwaves!

SEGA Mixer Drive

Off-Season, Returns in 2022

SEGA Mixer Drive focuses around arrangements of SEGA music new and old. Every episode goes through a wide selection of arranger/source spotlights plus listener requests and some of Rexy's own explorations, as well as being on hand to premiere some of the newest remix releases before anywhere else.


FastLane takes over the streets of RadioSEGA with the songs from favorite racing games such as Daytona USA, OutRun & Sega Rally along with unqiue racers like Sonic Riders! Fasten your seatbelts, because this show is going 0 to 200 MPH in 5 seconds as this fast-paced show will be taking over the road, and the race! Don't get caught in last place!


The Cyber Razor Cut

Ended, 2013 - 2015

The Cyber Razor Cut brings you an hour of some of the best SEGA-themed soundtrack music & remixes as picked by SonicYoda, the webmaster of SEGADriven. Join him as we explore some of the great music SEGA offers, while also making a right pig's ear of the crossfading! 

Game of the Month Show

Ended, 2013

Once every month, we'll play you the soundtrack of our chosen Game of the Month. You'll also have the spotlight because we'll be playing your audio messages and reading your written comments on the game LiVE! And we might have special guests too.



RadioSEGA's Top 40 Countdown

Ended, 2013 - 2015 (Original run); 2016 - Present (Specials)

The show that once played the 40 most requested tracks of the week on our website. Special themed episodes air every once in a while on special occasions.


Last Call


Last Call is our mix to get YOU moving! Every set, a different community musician will showcase a 1 hour long DJ set featuring (mostly) SEGA funkiness.

The SEGA Lounge


Come on in and have a seat - an interview based podcast focusing on SEGA games, game devs and community personalities. New episodes air first on RadioSEGA and release every Friday at TheSEGALounge.com.


Phantasy Star Beats

Ended, 2015

A special series dedicated to the Phantasy Star series from the Master System onwards, including select spin-offs, showcasing its music library and accompanying remixes.

Sunday Funday

Ended, 2015 - 2016

The most interactive show on RadioSEGA! Spend your Sunday with Andy and listen to great SEGA music and remixes, vote for random SEGA tracks in The Sunday Roulette, request non-SEGA music for The Non-SEGA Tracks of the Week plus also request SEGA remixes for The Remix Jukebox, and take your chances in Gone In a Sonic Minute or be ON THE SHOW during the Weekend Call In. It's all here and more with the most SEGARIFIC show of all time: The Sunday Funday!

Sega Addicts AM

Ended, 2015 - 2017

[Listener Discretion Advised] The Sega Addicts have their very first live radio show, and God help us all. Every Tuesday night, join Brett, Stevie, and maybe some special guests as they deliver everything you came to expect from Sega Addicts After Hours, plus some choice tunes!

The Manic Monday Show

Ended, 2015 - 2018, 2020

Back in action to bring some joy to your Mondays with quality tunes and random craziness, The Manic Monday - Quarantine Edition airs (almost) every Monday on RadioSEGA.


FiGHTS: into Streams

Ended, 2015

FiGHTS takes you down fighter memory lane by playing the sounds and stories of the best fighting game series ever to grace our old SEGA home hardware. But worry not, newer SEGA-produced games have their special place in the scrap!


Ended, 2015 - 2018, 2020

Grab your coins and come in to our Club SEGA where we celebrate the best of the SEGA arcade scene. Playing music from the 80's all the way to the present day, experience the sounds of some of your favourite arcade games. There's competitions and high scores to beat as well as some discussion on the hardware that changed gaming forever.

The Voice of SEGA

Currently on hiatus

The show that plays your favourite vocal songs from SEGA games past and present! Join host DrScottnik on such weekends as we sing along to the best... and maybe the not-best...from SEGA’s gaming history.

The SonicNews Show

Ended, 2016

Sonic Paradox's flagship show hosted by SSF1991, aka Donnie, exclusively on RadioSEGA! Tune in weekly for the latest Sonic and SEGA news, and the occasional guest to break it all down.

Chaos Control Center

Ended, 2016 - 2018 (Original run); Now On Twitch

[Listener Discretion Advised] We apologize to you in advance. Why? Well, Chaos Control Center, is a show that essentially revolves around the title. Hosted by cdrom1019 and BDX "The Bad Influence", the former brings the Chaos, and the latter brings the control. Structure? Who needs that? Certainly not these two! You'll love the back and forth between the hosts as they cover the topics that you care about, along side their fantastic taste in SEGA music and your requests that you get to make. CCC is an internet radio ride that you won't want to miss.

SEGA Generations

Ended, 2016 - 2018

SEGA Generations is the show that takes its listeners through the ages of various SEGA game franchises, exploring what made them so popular, different facts from throughout their runs and, of course, the music that helped to make them great. Tune in as we discuss a different SEGA game each week!

Triple Trouble

Ended, 2016

If you like music, then you will love Triple Trouble! Come and join supersega, Jamie64326, and MusicClues on an awesome music trip filled with epic mash-ups, dazzling remixes, and killer retro tracks. We'll also discuss current news and what games we've been playing. It'll be a great time, so come on out to listen!

The Opinion Zone

Ended, 2016 - 2017; Now on Sonic Cage Dome

[Listener Discretion Advised] Join The Sonic Show's colorful crew in their special corner of the internet where opinions are allowed, and they will be expressed. This rollercoaster of chitchat features discussions of the absurd, blue hedgehog agony, Uncle Poxxy advice and more!

The Chart Toppin’ Show

Ended, 2016 - 2018

Your requests, your favourites, your radio: The Chart Toppin' Show is dedicated to playing what you want the most, be it the weekly chart or your own personal favourite list, and more!

The Hidden Palace


The Hidden Palace is our SEGAducation LiVE show, talking trivia, facts, fan theories and easter eggs from and relating to SEGA games new and old.

The Blue Zone

Ended, 2016 - 2017

The Blue Zone is RadioSEGA's Sonic-centric LiVE show, playing various Sonic game music and remixes plus sharing some interesting facts about everyone's favourite blue rodent.

The Dreamcast Hour

Ended, 2016 - 2017 (Original run); 2018 - Present (Specials)

A special series dedicated to SEGA's final console, featuring swirly music and discussion.

Topical Resort

Ended, 2017 - 2019 (Original run); 2019 - Present (Specials)

Welcome to the Topical Resort: A place to relax within the juliblant atmosphere and discuss all things SEGA, whether that be a series of games, a genre, or an opinion to do with the Topic at hand. Stay topical!

Sweaty Sundays

Ended, 2018 - 2020

The year is 20XX, and two sweaty bois, the happy go lucky Scott and his sarcastic friend Jim, discuss the weird and wonderful of the online world and everything pop culture! Tune in weekends for an hour and maybe, you too, can get sweaty!

RadioSEGA's Guest Nights

Made by the community, for the community. Introducing RadioSEGA's Guest Nights - a dedicated programming block of content powered by community partners.


Pick n' Mix

Currently on hiatus

Get Pickin' on the segments, competitions and music to be Mixin' with this RadioSEGA show that's always adaptin'! Each episode brings something new to the table that makes it fresh, start to finish.
Vist the Pick n' Mix website here.


Charts? Fighting? Nah! Ravsieg tosses away previous rules and themes and on this show, anything goes! Embrace the Ravsdom!! and join in with your own music and stories. The focus will be on people's own SEGA musical experiences, but... who knows what each week will present! Do know this, It'll Be About...Something!

A History of Sonic the Hedgehog

Special Series - January/February 2021

Broadcaster Tom Campbell marks the 30th birthday of Sonic The Hedgehog with a five part documentary series, looking at the video games, the cartoons, the comic books and the fandom behind SEGA's 'Blue Blur.'

The SEGA Mix

Special Series

A special series of four 30-minute blocks of themed SEGA music: one block featuring classic tunes, one block of modern hits, one block of specialty music, and one free-for-all music block!

VGBeats Box


Get into the Box for an eccentric blend of retro sound! In each set, your mixmaster VGBeats spins the decks LiVE to various Bit-tunes from SEGA history, first-party and otherwise.

SEGA Sunrise


Season 2 of RadioSEGA's breakfast show is here to help you #WakeUpWithRS from the 1st to the 25th of December. Grab your fresh brew of news, features and music to start your morning, all with a RadioSEGA spin featuring rotating RS personalities.

Episodes air every day at 8am UK for our European audiences and replays at 8am ET/5am PT for our North American listeners!

DrScottnik's Journey Into Dreams

Currently on hiatus

End the Sunday and the weekend as a whole with an hour of thought-provoking, insightful and meaningful chat, intersperced with fitting SEGA music that calms the mind and soul. Your host DrScottnik brings dicussion topics at hand such as mental health, shares uplifting stories and highlights choice community works to each weekly episode.



Hear audio retrospectives on your favourite & lesser known SEGA musicians/composers with our new show "Individual". Each nearly 2-hour episode features that person's musical history from their beginnings to recent/current fare.

Area X

Currently on hiatus

Area X is a hybrid RadioSEGA LiVE & Twitch experience, bringing RadioSEGA into a new dimension of laid-back entertainment as host INeedFruit brings your Wednesdays to their most relaxing closings. Step into Area X via our radio stream or Twitch channel and feel at home...

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