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Late and Live

You're in control of 2023's final Late and Live special

2023 is close to an end and as November sees us bring you Late and Live's final special of the year, we thought we'd put you in control of the playlist once again with a very special Listener Mix.

For those that don't know, when Late and Live used to run as a regular weekly show the final show of the month would be given to the listeners as we played nothing but their requests. But for the final Listener Mix of the year in November, we'd do something a little bit different.

You see Late and Live is around an hour long show so there's only enough room for a certain number of songs. So when we hit around the hour mark, requests would close. But starting in 2020, for our final Listener Mix of the year we kept requests open until an hour into the LiVE show, regardless of how many requests we'd received.

And this is how that ended up:

  • 2020's final Listener Mix featured 28 tracks in a 2 hour 35 minute episode
  • 2021's final Listener Mix featured 34 tracks in a 3 hour 34 minute episode
  • 2022's final Listener Mix featured 44 tracks in a 4 hour 16 minute episode

But how long will this year's Listener Mix be? That's up to you! So whether your a regular listener, only listen from time to time or even if you normally listen at all (even if you won't even listen this time!), request your favourite SEGA party tunes and try and help us bring you the most jam packed Listener Mix of them all!

Every listener can pick up to two requests before the show begins or, if you haven't requested already, one request doing the LiVE broadcast and requests close at 10pm UK time/22:00 UTC on Friday 24th November 2023. You can via send your requests via any of the following options:

Discord: Send me a private message on our Discord - I'm @ResidentSD. (goto http://radiose.ga/discord to join!)
X (formerly Twitter): send me a post or direct message - I'm @ResidentSD
Bluesky: send me a post - I'm @ResidentSD.terra.social
Mastodon: send me a toot or direct message - I'm @ResidentSD@terra.social
E-mail: send an email to residentsd [at] radiosega [dot] net

So I hope you can join me for a Late and Live Listener Mix that is (hopefully!) full of non-stop SEGA party tunes - we're LiVE from 10pm UK time (23:00 CEST/5pm EDT/2pm PDT/21:00 GMT) only here on RadioSEGA!

Missed the last episode of Late and Live? Download or stream every episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Download - https://www.radiosega.net/media/?show=Late%20and%20Live

Listen on Terra Player - https://terraplayer.com/lateandlive

Or search for Late and Live on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts or your podcasting service of choice.

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