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Topical Resort

Collecting or hoarding?

Owning 30 copies of Sonic 1 isn't hoarding, it's normal in 2017!

It's difficult to think that we've already reached the first week of November, considering, for me at least, 2017 felt like it only just started and it's already drawing to a close. So what does this have to do with this week's topic? Absolutely nothing.
This episode, we'll be looking at something a bit more strange, and not strange as in we're looking at Nintendo (although it would be highly funny to watch the reactions of the audience). But we're talking strange as in this is a type of game we've all played before, but never really stop to talk about, and I'm fairly certain no-one else has ever hosted a show about this topic. I'm pretty excited anyway, just because of how unique of an idea this is. Anyway, enough jabber.
The topic for this episode is: SEGA Game Compilations
Here's what's coming up on this week's episode:
Request Resort
I'm going to need a bit of help here. There's no list online that collects together all SEGA game collections. So instead, I had to compile a list from memory and google search terms, so this list may be missing a few games. If it is, you can get in contact with me at one of the links at the bottom of this section. Hopefully I didn't miss too much anyway!
The list of games eligible for this week's Request Resort are:
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Dreamcast Collection
Dreamon (All Volumes)
Phantasy Star Collection [GBA]
Phantasy Star Collection [Saturn]
SEGA 3D Classics Collection (All Volumes)
SEGA AGES (All volumes)
SEGA Arcade Gallery
SEGA Channel
SEGA Classics Arcade Collection
SEGA Flash (All Volumes)
SEGA Forever
SEGA Genesis Collection
SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection
SEGA Screams (All Volumes)
SEGA Smash Pack [Dreamcast]
SEGA Smash Pack [GBA]
SEGA Smash Pack [PC]
Sonic Classic Collection
SEGA Vintage Collection
Sonic Compilation
Sonic Gems Collection
Sonic Jam
Sonic Mega Collection

You can get in your requests for this segment over on our Twitter (@RadioSEGA) or my own Twitter (@TheGreenViper8), at the official show Twitter (@TopicalResort), you can send me a PM on our Discord server (radiose.ga/discord) or you can email me at topicalresort@gmail.com.

Discord Call-in
Got a burning question you'd like to ask? Got an opinion on anything said on the show? Maybe you just want to talk about anything to do with gaming. Either way, the Discord Call-in is a way to do that while actually getting your voice onto the show! You may be asking "How do you do this?", and it's very simple. Join our Discord Server by visiting radiose.ga/discord and from there, you'll need to grab a microphone and you'll need to join the Chillout Voice Room!
Are you a fan of the conveniency of video game collections and their ease of use? Then why not tune in at 7PM GMT, 8PM CEST, 2PM EDT or 11AM PDT?

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