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Topical Resort

It's the Most Stressful Time of the Year

For me at least...

The fact that the trees outside my window have no leaves on them must mean that the mystical wintertime is upon us again in the UK. At least RadioSEGA's WinterFest is back for a 5th round, and as usual it'll be a bundle of fun! Before we get too deep into the blog though, I should say that this week's show will be 2 hours earlier to accommodate for all of the shows that need to fit into Friday's block. On with the blog!

This year will be the first year that I'm fully in charge of the event, and this is on top of arranging another event for a friend that also happens to take place this weekend, so needless to say I've got a lot on my plate. Doesn't mean I don't have the time or energy for a show however, that's always the priority!

We have the usual festivities coming up on this episode. Prizes, winter-y music, an even more hectic than usual chatroom which I struggle to read. It's all there.

The topic for this episode is: WinterFest 2018

Here's what's coming up on this week's episode:

Request Resort

Same rules that goes for any seasonal episode apply here. If it's related to Winter in anyway, it's eligible. If not, then it isn't eligible. Shocking I know, but it has to be said!

You can get in your requests for this segment over on Twitter (@RadioSEGA, @TopicalResort or @TheGreenViper8), you can send me a PM on our Discord server (radiose.ga/discord) or you can email me at topicalresort@gmail.com.

Trivia Coast
The Trivia Coast is our bi-weekly quiz show! Bring your knowledge along to win some prizes, and then brag to others that you know too much about SEGA! The 3 questions you will be asked all relate to the topic at hand, and Google is allowed, but is meant to be used as more of a tool rather than a way to guarantee you the answer. With that in mind, best of luck!

You can play along with the Trivia Coast by sending GreenViper8#6383 a private message with your answer on Discord!

Test Your Topicality
"Calm and thought-provoking discussions" are words that describe everything that Test your Topicality isn't! It's a frantic battle between 2 contestants to argue for or against a statement, and it's a stance that they may not necessarily agree with. It's messy, it's rough, but that's the fun of it all. Who will be in the hot-seat and what will they be arguing for? There's only one way to find out...

Are you feeling festive? What about if I told you that you didn't have a choice? Then why not consider tuning in at 5PM GMT, 6PM CET, 12PM EST or 9AM PST?

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