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OutRun (1986-91)

This month we focus in an arcade and home console classic, the amazing OutRun. From its innovative features to its amazing soundtrack, take a (fast) trip down memory lane with us.


October 2013 KC 0 Comments

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (1990)

The time has come! SEGA Studios Australia are releasing a remake of 1990's Castle of Illusion, a 16-bit and 8-bit classic released for the Mega Drive/Genesis, the Master System and the Game Gear. But what about the original game? What was it that made it so great that a remake had to be done? Find out the answers as we take you to the Castle of Illusion with world famous Mickey Mouse.


September 2013 KC 0 Comments

Sonic Chaos (1993)

August brings us more Summer fun times and Sonic conventions - Sonic Boom in the US and Summer of Sonic in the UK. Celebrating both of them, but especially SoS, since we'll be there in full swing, we check out Sonic Chaos as our current Game of the Month.


August 2013 KC 2 Comments

Fantasy Zone (1986)

Sit down and let me tell you a story about a place far away... so far away you need to be on drugs to go there. Nah, just kidding, it's Fantasy Zone!


July 2013 KC 0 Comments

Comix Zone (1995)

As Summer approaches, we take a look at Comix Zone and address its qualities and some major flaws.


June 2013 KC 1 Comments

Golden Axe (1989)

Welcome back to RadioSEGA's Game of the Month! This time we discuss dwarves armed with giant axes, amazon babes and evil giants.


May 2013 KC 1 Comments

The House of the Dead

Better late than never, although this is the latest we've ever been, let's ring in Halloween with a super spooky Game of the Month!


October 2012 Gavvie 0 Comments

Valkyria Chronicles

Underrated. Underperformed. Undeserved. One of SEGA's finest games of this generation of consoles is given the recognition it deserves.


September 2012 Gavvie 1 Comments

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

It's not often we'd feature a game that's so new, but with Olympic Fever starting to build with the Games just around the corner, we thought we should join in the fun!


July 2012 Gavvie 0 Comments

The Revenge of Shinobi

We revisit what we consider to be Shinobi's greatest 16-bit hour, just in time for his arrival on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. It's The Revenge of Shinobi!


June 2012 Gavvie 2 Comments

Virtua Fighter 32X

17 years ago this month, SEGA unleashed the first ever 3D beat-em-up on home consoles in America. With that in mind, Virtua Fighter is our Game of the Month for May!


May 2012 Gavvie 3 Comments


Equal parts sexy and silly, this campy hack and slasher from Platinum Games is a worthy addition to our growing Game of the Month archive!


April 2012 SimonShirley 0 Comments


I do apologise that this month's Game of the Month article is going up as late as it is, but it really did take me a while to pick a title which I felt deserved some recognition, and I've decided to settle on this delightful little FPS game from the Arcade & Dreamcast days.


March 2012 Gavvie 0 Comments


Love is in the air...but you're a gamer, and that means that in February, your luck is well and truly out. Yes, it's a horrible stereotype and one that is completely inaccurate, but rather than pick either The Rub Rabbits or Feel the Magic: XX/XY as our Game of the Month for this month, I felt like I should pick a game which we as gamers love, and have always regarded somewhat fondly.


February 2012 Gavvie 0 Comments

Sonic Adventure 2

When thinking about this month's entry, it felt appropriate to celebrate the game that came out for Sonic's 10th Anniversary, on the same month that the 20th Anniversary game comes out.


November 2011 Gavvie 0 Comments

Phantasy Star Online

Over the Christmas period, SEGA gave us all a festive gift and unveiled the opening to Phantasy Star Online 2, a game which hopefully should see release sometime this year. Naturally, all you PSO Phreaks (is this a word yet for the fanbase? It should be if not) rather enjoyed it, and so I dedicate the first Game of the Month of 2012 to you guys, with the first PSO on Dreamcast.


January 2012 Gavvie 0 Comments

Die Hard Arcade

It's that Christmas time of year again, and you know what that means? No, not Christmas carols, or snow, or any of that Yuletide cheer. It means we can follow the exploits of John McClane and not feel bad that we're watching a Christmas film in the middle of Summer!


December 2011 Gavvie 1 Comments

Virtua Cop 3


Before we start, I'd like to admit that I haven't played Virtua Cop 3 an awful lot. In fact, I only recall playing it once, and even then it wasn't for very long. The brief playtime didn't stop the game from forming a favourable impression, however. Since that short playthrough, I've always wanted a home port so I could play more of it. Unfortunately, it never happened.


September 2011 Gavvie 0 Comments

Metropolis Street Racer

The Project Gotham Racing series is seen by many to be the definitive arcade racing series. Developed by UK-based developer Bizarre Creations, the Xbox exclusive franchise revolutionised it's genre. But where did it all start? With the original PGR right? Wrong.


July 2008 Gavvie 0 Comments

Golden Axe: Beast Rider


This month, seeing as it's October and October has Halloween and such, we thought we'd try something different. Instead of using Game of the Month to remember past or present glories, we'd feature a game that was so bad it's almost shameful.

In the past there's been quite a few of these, so the game you hate the most might not be the one featured here. I chose this one because it basically murdered an entire franchise. Ladies and Gents - Shame of the Month.


October 2011 Gavvie 0 Comments

Streets of Rage 2

The transition from 2D to 3D gaming in the mid 90s was an incredible time for gaming, literally adding an extra dimension to the games released. While most genres made the jump from 2D to 3D without too many problems, one genre seemly died away – the side scrolling fighter. Quite possibly the greatest example of a side scrolling fighter is Streets of Rage 2, released in 1993 on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis (the game was known as Bare Knuckle 2 in Japan).


June 2008 Gavvie 0 Comments

Manx TT Superbike

The launch of the SEGA Saturn was a major milestone in console gaming as it finally meant that SEGA’s impressive library of arcade games could finally be done justice on a home console. Amongst the games brought over was Manx TT Superbike, jointly developed by SEGA’s AM3 & AM4 teams and released in the arcade in 1995. 


December 2007 Gavvie 0 Comments

Sonic Jam

In recent times, there has been an explosion in collections of classic games being released for newer consoles. The Sonic games have not missed out on this with the Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Gems Collection packages bringing classic Sonic games to a brand new audience. However, the greatest Sonic compilation was actually released ten years ago.


November 2007 Gavvie 0 Comments

Skies of Arcadia: Legends

2001 was a great time to be a Dreamcast owner, if you liked RPGs (and lived in Europe). Three massive titles meant you were spoilt for choice. Ironically, they all were released on other formats. Grandia II was ported over to the PS2, and Shenmue II onto the Xbox. The third big RPG of 2001, Skies of Arcadia, found its home on the Gamecube. It was also different to the other two, in that it found some extra features on the journey. But more on that later.


August 2011 Gavvie 0 Comments

SEGA Rally Championship

Out now on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC is the brand new, next generation version of SEGA Rally. So now seems the perfect time to look back at the original SEGA Rally Championship for October’s Game of the Month.


October 2007 Gavvie 0 Comments

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

When Sonic the Hedgehog launched on the Sega Mega Drive in 1991, a gaming legend was born. There were plenty of platform games available (dominated by the immensely popular Mario games) but never before had there been a platformer with the speed and excitement that the original Sonic the Hedgehog had. Needless to say, it was a massive success, propelling the Mega Drive forward as the console of choice at that time.


September 2007 Gavvie 0 Comments

Burning Rangers

The Sega Saturn was home to many a forgotten classic, and Sonic Team certainly had its fair share of them. The most famous was July’s Game of the Month ‘Nights Into Dreams’ however their other Saturn game ‘Burning Rangers’, released in 1998, is definitely worth a play. I mean, haven’t you always wanted to play a fire fighting game!


August 2007 Gavvie 0 Comments

NiGHTS into Dreams...

Think of great Sega games, and most people will talk of Sonic, Golden Axe, Virtual Fighter and the like. Ask your die-heard Sega fan and they'll add another - Nights Into Dreams, the first game to be featured in RadioSEGA's new 'Game Of The Month' feature. From the mind of Sonic Team's legendary Yuji Naka, this Saturn classic from 1996 combines colourful visuals, a beautiful soundtrack and simple controls to make a game that you can't help but make you smile while you play it!


July 2007 Gavvie 0 Comments

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

There's quite a few games, in my opinion, that have always warranted a sequel, but never got one. Chief amongst them was NiGHTS into Dreams..., a delightful Saturn gem that was featured as our very first Game of the Month four whole years ago...


July 2011 Gavvie 0 Comments

Sonic the Hedgehog

Back in 1991, we were all 20 years younger. For some of us, like myself, we would have been taking our first steps into the education system, a long and arduous process that would shape the rest of our lives. For others..well, it was probably more exciting and therefore enjoyable. In both cases, a game was set to be released that would change the platforming genre forever, and create a gaming icon.


June 2011 Gavvie 0 Comments

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Picture the scene. It's 1990, and you've just receieved a SEGA Master System II as a present. Initially overjoyed at such an awesome gift, imagine your dismay as you soon realise that you don't actually have any games for it. Undeterred, you plug the system in anyway to check that it works...and your mind is blown.


May 2011 Gavvie 0 Comments


Back in the 90s, Yu Suzuki had a vision. A vision of a completely immersive game world, with real time weather effects, NPCs who had a daily routine instead of idling on the sidelines, and an immersive story. Whilst this vision was originally planned as a Virtua Fighter RPG in development on the SEGA Saturn, it was eventually realised on the Dreamcast, as Shenmue.


April 2011 Gavvie 3 Comments

NiGHTS: Into Dreams

There's quite a few games, in my opinion, that have always warranted a sequel, but never got one. Chief amongst them was NiGHTS into Dreams..., a delightful Saturn gem that was featured as our very first Game of the Month four whole years ago.


July 2011 SimonShirley 0 Comments

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